Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are you a brand loyalist?

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I did not realize I wore head-to-toe Ann Taylor (minus the jacket) until I pulled out my camera =) I am not complaining though. Although, I am not necessary a brand loyalist, I do tend to stick with certain brands. Having a style blog is giving a chance to kind of step out of my comfort zone and try new things. This blog also helps me to have a better view on my own style. It’s all about finding your personal style, being happy with it and being confident.

What I am wearing:
Sweater: Ann Taylor Snowpearl Crewneck Sweater - size XSR (runs small)
Skirt: Ann Taylor Modern A-line Zip Skirt (slimmed) (buy similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Pump
Sunnies: Ann Taylor (buy similar - on sale!)
Tweed Jacket: Macys - old (buy similar - available in XS)

Readers, are you a brand loyalist?


Girlie Blogger

I like your sweater. It looks cute and also warm. We so need warmth here right now.


That sweater paired with that skirt is such a pretty look for Winter :)

Really Petite

I love the bright orange skirt on you!


Muahaha, I can answer this question pretty confidently. No, I'm not a brand loyalist. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think it's because I browse online too much and try to find the "best" one, whether it be price, color, look, fit, etc. I can't win them all, so something's gotta give. This does mean that I'm probably never going to know SAs that well since I shop everywhere, but that's okay with me.

Loving your outfit and hair today, Sydney!


I'm not intentionally a brand loyalist, but recently, I realized that my bag collection is predominantly Coach, 442 McAdam with a splash of Kate Spade!

Our Wired Lives

There are a couple brands that I am a die hard fan of, and others that I know I can trust. I guess that means the answer is yes.


I don't think I am a brand loyalist, but as being petite, I'm happy I know I can buy cloths at certain brands and I cannot some of them even though I'm dying to get. That makes my life a little easier.


The pearl detailing on your sweater is so pretty. :)

I do tend to stick to the same brands. When I find a brand that fits, I'll keep coming back to it.



your hair is getting so long and beautiful! did u know that they say asian hair is the healthiest of hair?


This outfit is really well put together. I love the skirt + long tweed jacket look, but it's hard to do that where I live 'cause it's so cold in the winter. How cold does it get where you live?


For some reason I was hesitant to try this sweater, and now I am kicking myself for not! It looks so pretty on you!


That sweater is gorgeous!

I guess I am a brand loyalist out of laziness! I can only handle so many hours at the mall, so I tend to shop at the stores I know fit the best!


Oh... I love that Jacket on you! you look lovely!


@AubreyOhDang! I want to trim my hair since I start to get split ends. But I am loving the length right now. I will probably wait until summer when the weather gets warmer.

@FunSizeClothes It was 25 degrees when these pictures were taken =)

Marionberry Style

Such a great look! Love it!
And I didn't think I was loyal to any certain brands, but since I started blogging and documenting the clothes I wear, it's obvious that I go through phases of shopping and dressing in certain lines.
I think I need to shake it up a bit!!

XO - Marion


I wish I can shop at a more variety of brands, but yeah, being petite only limits to certain stores that are petite-friendly! Thank goodness there are Ann Taylors and Loft for pretty things! I love your outfit! And your hair has been looking amazing! Are you still using the HANA Titanium 1.5" flatiron? I'm in need of a new flat iron and trying to figure what is best in terms of fast heating time and does not burn out thin dry hair.


I really do like Ann Taylor but I like to shop as many brands as I can for diversity. I think being short really limits shopping options though.....

With Each Passing Day

I'm not a brand loyalist. I shop everywhere as long as I can find a good deal and the clothes fit. =)


Hi,I'm from India..An avid follower of your blog since 4months! :)
The bright orange skirt seems like a 'cherry on the cake' for the winters..!


OMGGG your pearl sweater IS SOOO CUTE!! i want!! i loved that you paired it with such a bright pop of color!!

i don't think there's anything wrong with being a brand loyalist.. i realize a huge chunk of my closet comes from zara haha.. i think it's just whatever you are most comfortable in you just naturally gravitate towards shoppping there and wearing the clothes!


Such a pretty coat! As for being a brand loyalist - I think I'm the same as you, while I don't absolutely advocate any one brand, there are a few that serve as "go-tos" when I'm looking to shop.


so chic, love that orange skirt! I always love a pop of color!

The Fashion Scan

Great blog!!! I'm following you now.. if you want take a look at my new blog and follow me too!!! Let me know!! kiss :D

RAW Fashion Magazine

Not really but there are some labels such as Voijslav, Rachel Gilbert, Khamoda that are just too good to not buy xx


thanks for the always so sweet comment! I think it's harder for petites NOT to be brand loyalists because store sizing is such a huge priority! But I try to use oversized items sometimes, especially when thrifting ;]



gorgeous outfit and blog! i always try to wear things from different stores and price points, but definitely have my favorites/ go to's:)

Clara Turbay

Great and simple inspiration!

The Fashionable ESQ

Love it! There's that skirt again - looks great!!

- The Fashionable ESQ

*Glam Chameleon*

Very ladylike look, I am so smitten with this pretty skirt!:)



Ann Taylor knows how to treat petites, especially at work. I don't think I stick to certain brands because of the "brand" but because the fit and sizing works for me.

Love the coat!

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