Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What to wear when you’re expecting (Part I): Blazers

I've had a few emails from readers asking how to get the most out of the clothing budget. I decided to put together series of posts on what I thought would be helpful to others in terms of what to wear when you’re expecting. Of course, I'm still figuring things out so any thoughts and suggestions are welcome!

As mentioned here, I would wait until the second trimester to begin shopping for maternity clothes. I'm 23 weeks today and still wearing most of my regular clothes. Although, not everything will fit my growing belly. One of the challenging things for me is to find professional & stylish maternity clothing for the office. I find myself standing in my closet every morning and wondering what to wear. I've found a few pieces work well for me so I’ve stuck with them for the most part. During my first and second trimester, blazer is hands-down my favorite piece to wear to the office. {Outfit details: Skirt: BR Factory - size 00P (buy similar), Blazer: unknown brand (buy similar), Shoes: BR *old* (almost identical), Sandals: LOFT (buy similar), Sunglasses: Kate Spade Gayla, Necklace: F21 (buy almost identical version), Scarf: LOFT}

I hardly wear blazers to work since my work environment is business casual. However, a blazer is a great way to add instant style to any outfit. With that in mind, I’ve been wearing casual dresses to work but throw on a boyfriend blazer to make my casual apparel more formal. For this particular outfit, I simply added a classic black blazer, a pair of black pumps and a statement necklace. Voila! I am all set. This is a comfortable but still presentable outfit for me.

To keep the cost of your maternity clothes down, buy items that will grow with you, such as stretchy and expandable waistline pants and skirts. Those simple and plain pieces are the best buys. I picked up this skirt from the Banana Republic Factory Store last weekend in both colors and couldn't be happier. The elastic band makes this skirt a good transition piece. Solids are easier to mix and match than prints and are less memorable.

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  1. black hides the baby bump really well! you look so sleek and chic as always, sydney :)

    pandaphilia style
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  2. Blazers are great for maternity and non maternity ;)

  3. You look phenomenal here, Sydney! I hope I look half as cute as you when I'm pregnant (someday!).

  4. I can hardly tell your preggo! Great tip to add blazer, as long as you don't gain too much width in the shoulders. I retained a lot of water up there! You looking fab!

  5. You still look fantastic. Cannot tell you are pregnant. Beautiful outfits, as always.

  6. You look amazing here. I can't tell that you're pregnant. I hope I can looks as good you when I'm pregnant.

  7. You look so chic and gorgeous! I loved wearing blazers when I was pregnant too - well, up until it got too hot :)

  8. Your shoes look so amazing! Loving that detail! <3

    From Finland, with ♥,

  9. congrats on the changes to your blog and your pregnancy! I look forward to seeing how you dress your adorable bump! xo

  10. You look fabulous! Love this outfit and you can totally not tell you are pregnant!!

    A Petite Treat

  11. I really can't tell that you're pregnant Sydney. The black really helps to hide the bump and you could always button it too. Looking forward to the rest of your maternity wear posts :)

  12. When I was pregnant, I loved flowy dresses with an empire waist.

    During my third trimester, I started to wear shirts with ruching on both sides. For both of my pregnancies, I was due during the winter so bottoms were usually maternity jeans or maternity trousers.

    You look great for 23 weeks!