Sunday, July 1, 2012

Life's a beach

After spending 3 days in Orlando, we took a road trip to Clearwater, FL. Having always been fans of the ocean and beaches, we were excited to spend the rest of our vacation on the beach. While the first part of our vacation consisted of 3 days full of planned activities, the second part was all about doing nothing but relaxing.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my stay here. Once we got there, we got an amazing upgrade from a standard suite to one of the best suites in the hotel. Thanks to my husband's platinum status. My husband travels so much for work. I can't remember the last time he was home for 2 weeks straight. I am not a fan of his work-travel schedule. However, when it's time to redeem travel points and rewards, I am not gonna lie - it's pretty sweet =)

This suite offers 900 square feet of gracious living. It has a full kitchen, the large living area which makes this suite ideal for relaxing and spending time together. Beyond the bedroom is the private balcony that offers the panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico.

{I took this picture from the balcony and the view was just simply breathtakingly beautiful} 

The food was equally fantastic. Although the menu is somewhat on the pricier side compared to many other restaurants in the area, the food was well worth the price. Staff was very accommodating and friendly as well. We had an absolutely fantastic time and would return to this hotel in a heartbeat!

We spent all day at the beach and pool. While I took time relaxing and sunbathing, my husband kept the little one entertained with all types of water sports. She learned how to surf for the first time and had a blast. I am grateful that my little girl is always eager to learn new things especially when it comes to outdoor sports. I don't think children these days spend enough time outside because of this sudden technology rage. I am always looking for ways to get her outside to run around and explore the outdoors. All in all, it was truly a memorable vacation for us. I like the fact that our vacation wasn't all about the little one or us, there was a balance so everyone can enjoy the vacation to the fullest. We're planning our next trip - it's going to be either a 10-day California trip or a week long in Europe. We are still indecisive at this point. Any thoughts or input are welcome =)

Have a great week!


TINA said...

What a wonderful trip!

Carrie said...

oh my gosh, it's beautiful!!! i'm glad you guys had a lot of fun on your trip.

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Amazing place. The resort is beautiful and so is the ocean. Lucky you.

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Lisa said...

aww i loved seeing your vacation pics hon!! that hotel is beautiful!! and the food looks so nommy.. i absolutely adored that picture of your daughter in the water she looks like she's having such a fun time!!

Always Maylee said...

Oh wow, look at that view! And the yummy food! Seems like you had a fabulous vacation. :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

simplyvonne said...

oh wow that suite is HUGE!!!!!! and the food look delish! looks like you guys had a great vaca!!!

Lisa Rosalie said...

Looks like you had a great time! :)

kam wam said...

Europe!!! Cali can wait.

Unknown said...

Great pictures, your daughter looks like she's having a blast! I'm so sad we weren't able to meet up...we got our schedules mixed up LOL!

SewPetiteGal said...

Yay for the suite upgrade - beautiful view! I vote Europe for your next trip :) Will you wait until Baby #2 is a certain age?

lisacng said...

That's a great view! I would hate if my hubby traveled for long periods of time. I the it when I have to leave for a few days for work. Love that your daughter surfed for the first time! You're right. We need more time outside!