Monday, August 13, 2012

and we chose...

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Thank you all so much for your input and feedback on my last post. We loved both names but decided that the name “Madison” was much too common for us. We wanted a tradional name with a modern twist of spelling. With that said, my husband and I strongly feel the name “Madelyn” suits both our tastes.

As for her middle name, we went with “Lam-Anh” (in Vietnamese). For those of you who aren’t Vietnamese or do not understand Vietnamese, Lam means turquosie and Anh means intellectual brightness. One of the things I like about her middle name is how well it flows with her first name.

{A sneak peek of Madelyn's nursery}

Of course, everyone has different tastes, styles, and opinions when it comes to baby names. In our hearts, we believe we have the perfect for our baby girl.

Have a great week!



yay for Madelyn! :) I love the middle name too, are you going to call her by her viet name at home? Kaylee's name is My-Tien and I also hyphenated so it wont be so long.


What a beautiful name! Both English and Vietnamese! What beautiful lettering above her crib! Did you do that yourself? Pls blog details! Very cute!!!!


Yay for your choice (though my personal preference is for a more traditional spelling)! My Chinese name is Cin Cin (literal meaning is thousand thousand, but there's some connection to classical literature/poetry, according to my parents), which is very uncommon since most people don't have double names as official names.

Always Maylee

YAYY, I'm glad you went with Madelyn. LOVE her middle name, so pretty. Just a few more weeks! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

phiphis blog

hurray!!! i can't wait to meet little madelyn lam-anh (love the beautiful vietnamese name too)

xox P


I am very excited for you! The planning process must be so fun! :) I love the peak at her nursery...the blanket is adorable!

@simplyvonne I haven't decided what I am going to call her at home yet. I'll leave that up to her grandparents. I love Kaylee's Vietnamese name as well.

@lisacng I wish I was that artistic =) We had the sticker customized by an Etsy seller. I will share all the details soon.


What a beautiful name! I was lucky enough to have my Vietnamese name as a middle name as well, Anh Linh (no accent marks.) My belated grandfather named me. Someone once tried to tell me it is supposed to represent the ringing of bells, but truthfully the "linh" part is in regards to spirtual/holy. =) I really loved having an English first name that is religious, and a middle name that ties me to my heritage. As for what my parents called me at home my parents mostly called me Linh in the house when I was young, but now that I am an adult it's 50/50.


Thats such a sweet name!! Cant wait to see the nursery.

just tututiny

What a beautiful name you've chosen I love it! One of my favorite singer on PBN is named Lam Anh and I've always adored it =)

With Each Passing Day

I love the name you chose. It's such a beautiful name and flow with her Vietnamese. I adore the sneak peak of the nursery room.


What a beautiful name, and I love the meaning of the middle name!

The Little Dust Princess

Yay! This is so exciting!


How cute is that wall decal!! :) Love the name and the middle name :)


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Good choice! The name flows so well and sounds so pretty! I'm excited for you!


Beautiful name and a very pretty nursery


Beautiful name and a very pretty nursery


Yeah I guessed right! That middle name you chose is so beautiful!

@Mlinh Thank you so much for sharing your story. Anh Linh is a very beautiful name. My little girl might not use her Vietnamese name very often but I'd love to give her something that ties her to her heritage as well.

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