Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back to work I go

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2 months flew by in the blink of an eye! Today, back to work I go. Thankfully, my husband and my Mom are taking turns to stay home with baby Madelyn for another 6 weeks. Then daycare will start. I guess I’ll save my tears until then.


What I am wearing: 
Dress: Banana Republic *old* (buy similar


Onto today’s outfit – Thanks to Outfit Additions for sending over this hammered brass bib necklace. Wearing statement jewelry comes with only one rule - keep everything else simple. Since the necklace is already a powerful statement, I keep the rest of the look simple with a black dress and a white button shirt.


I was excited to wear my new pumps that I got on major sale at Ann Taylor last month. I am a huge fan of Ann Taylor perfect pumps and these fit true to size just like all the others. The exotic texture does make the shoes stand out some and look a bit more interesting than just plain black ones would.


I hope you enjoy your day. I am sure I'll spend my day going over hundreds of work emails for the past 2 months =)


lisacng @

2 months sure did fly by! Lucky you have your mom and hubs taking turns with M before you have to take her to daycare. Oh, I remember those tears! Beautiful simple outfit and looking great post partum. Great shoes! They are so comfy!


I still remember the day I go back to work afteronly 8-week maternerty leave. It's not easy.I wish we all would have at least 6 months off with the newborn here in the US. You look fanstactic. Sure I didn't look like that at all :)!

Chelsea MacMeekin

Good luck today! And for what it's worth, going back to work is way harder on you than the babe. You look fantastic for 2 months out! Happy to have stumbled upon your blog!

Haute Child In the City

John Marine

Cool, classy, and hot! Sydney, you're surely dressed for success with this lovely outfit. The necklace is as charming as your smile, and your hair is just lovely. You're put together VERY nicely with this outfit.


Aww you look gorgeous! :) Good luck on going thru all the hundreds of e-mails! I know that feeling when coming back from a two week vacation even! >.<

Love your dress and pumps!!

xo - Sheila


very cute outfit! wishing you well!

Carol Li

I love this outfit. You've got your figure back really quickly. I can't believe that you're back to work already!

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

Oh wow Sydney, you guys only get 2 months? We have a year of mat leave!!

You may not be ready emotionally but you definitely look ready to go back to work :)

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle

Sydney, you look sooooooooooooooooo good after just having had a baby. You are my inspiration. And I love your outfit!

Time flies, right? But hey, bet it'll be nice to have adult conversations and get your life back.


I love the necklace. You are right about keeping everything else simple when wearing something that bold.

@Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) We're not that lucky here in the US, Elaine =)


Well you look fabulous! I love all of the details. I hope the transition back to work goes well. I bet it must be so hard!


Hope your first day back went well! I'm sure it must be so hard to go back. Love that necklace!


Sydney, I can't believe you gave birth 2 months ago! How did you get your figure back so quick? Hope your week back at work went smoothly!


I hope you had a good first day! Can I ask what you do for a living? And how does maternity leave work exactly? Who fills in for you when you're gone for so long?

A Petite Treat

Hopefully you had a good day back at work! You look great! And I love your hair! So pretty!

A Petite Treat

@Erica I am in the software industry. For maternity leave, you’ll get 6-8 weeks off depending on your situation. Six weeks is the standard amount of time covered for pregnancy. My team members handled everything work-wise while I am off on maternity leave.


Hope you had a great first day back and the transition back to work become smoother. 2 months sure did fly by and your baby is in good hands with your hubby and your mom! :) xoxo, Phoebe

Kamilla K

I love this outfit!! What a beautiful, classic look!

Sophisticated Lace

Angie |

you look great and slightly teacherly! how cute. glad to hear everything settling in place wonderfully and hope to meet up soon :)


You look so cute on that outfit. Must be hard to leave little baby home and go to work. Hope everything is ok with you!

Boram Han

Hi Sydney,
Congratulations on your baby. I am a new mom as well(10 weeks postpartum). Can I ask you a question? How are you doing with getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight and being able to fit into your old clothes. Any tips or stuff you are trying? It is a bit frustrating for me, not being able to fit into my old pants yet, but I guess it's a work on progress. By the way, I love your blog!


@Boram Han
I found that with my first baby, it took a LONG time to get my body back... almost 9 months. I think working full time gave me more time to eat.

For baby #2, I lost about 5 lbs more than my pre-pregnancy weight. Most of it was because every time I tried to eat I'd be interrupted and then by the time I'd have a chance to get back to eating, I would lose my appetite.

Also, I wore a girdle that helped a lot too.

@Boram Han I wish I could give you some tips but I don’t have any to share. I think the combination of a high metabolism and breastfeeding have helped me lose weight quickly after each of my pregnancies. Besides, I gained less than the recommended. I plan to get back into an exercise routine but so far, it hasn't happened yet. Don't rush to lose weight post pregnancy. People have their own pace to lose weigh. Remember, it took 9 months to gain the weight, so allow yourself the same amount of time to lost it. Staying healthy is the most important things you can do for yourself and your baby. The baby weight will come off eventually. Good luck =) !

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