Monday, April 8, 2013

A touch of menswear

I practically live in dresses and skirts year round. It’s not because I don’t like pants but it's almost impossible to find pants that fit everywhere from the hip down for a short girl like me. I own one pair of trousers and have been wearing them to pieces. They are starting to fall apart. I was thrilled to find these trousers at J.Crew a few months ago on super sale. Although, they are baggy throughout, I love a menswear vibe that these trousers give off. I wanted to get a few more wears this season before sending them off to my tailor. I couldn't decide whether I should roll up my sleeves for a casual look or just leave them as is for a more formal look. I guess I'll let you be the judge of that =) Hope your Monday is going well.


What I am wearing:
Bottom: J.Crew Factory - size 00 (buy similar in solids)
Top: LOFT *old* (buy similar in mint)
Bag: Tory Burch Robinson Double-zip Tote
Shoes: Banana Republic *old* (almost identical)
Sunglasses: Kate Spade Circe in Ivory
Watch: Michael Kors 5128 in rose gold


Ping said...

hi sydney! yes good fitting pants are hard to find! i had a pair of guess trousers i have worn to death and finally trashed. i feel like you have longer legs than most petites so i think you look nice in these pants! :)

Anonymous said...

Very casual, like it. I have a white shirt similar to this. I should wear it again.

lisacng said...

Love both sleeve options! And great print on those trousers.

Unknown said...

I love the look, I personally prefer the look with the sleeves rolled up and bow untied. It gives a more casual and laid back vibe to the outfit. I agree with you, pants are hard to find for petites, its almost impossible to find a pair that fits without having it go to the tailor. These pants look great on you and I love the menswear theme. :)


fabulouspetite said...

I love it. I like the sleeves rolled up. It has a casual and chic vibe to it done effortlessly. I have the same petite problem with pants. It can get too costly and I need to take most of mine to the tailor. The pants look great on you and I see the menswear vibe for sure.