Friday, May 24, 2013

Petite Online Store | Gambita - Silk Rompers

This is the last look I did for Gambita (see the first look and the second look). I am a fan of rompers (please don't judge!). I think rompers are so fun and easy to wear for the hot summer days. The only drawback to any romper is that you have to plan bathroom breaks accordingly =) Besides the silky soft material, I also like the tab sleeves. Did I mention the pockets? It has pockets. Always a bonus! In general, rompers are great for vacations. They can be easily dress up for dinner at night or dress down for a walk along the beach. Some rompers can also be worn as a beach cover-up. I hope you enjoy the series. To all US readers, have a wonderful Memorial weekend and be thankful for those who have sacrificed.

What I am wearing: 
Sandals: LOFT *old* (buy similar here
Necklace: Amrita Singh *old* (buy similar - extra 30% off
Sunglasses: Kate Spade Gayla (on Gilt for $69 or here)



Amber @ said...

i'm not a romper person, mostly because i pee 10 times per day. not convenient! i actually think it looks lovely on you. pockets are the best! and i love that the vneck isnt too low.

Anonymous said...

What a great romper, the colour is beautiful! I also like your photos :)


Chicago Chic said...

I love this color!! You look so classy in a romper!

Lauren said...

WOW that romper is beautiful. I've been wanting one just like that! xo

Anonymous said...

Looks really cute, but can't see myself wearing one. The idea of having to take off everything and sitting there topless when you have to pee is very weird to me. Hahaha... And it is something that my 21 months old daughter is wearing a lot. Lol


Unknown said...

The romper looks great on you Sydney! I love the color on you too. I love the look of rompers but still haven't found any that I loved on me yet. Plus like you say, they are a pain in the neck to have on when you need to use the restroom :)