Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Black and brown

In general, I don't believe in fashion rules. I am breaking one of the most popular one here - mixing black and brown together. I personally think it's a really old rule. Since they are both muted tones, they can definitely be paired together. Do you think fashion rules are outdated? I am participating in Tara's what I wore to work link up today.


What I am wearing:
Dress: Banana Republic *last season* (same style in solid)
Blazer: Express *old* (buy this year's version)
Bag: Tory Burch double-zip Robinson tote
Shoes: Tahari Sarina pumps

On an unrelated note, Bloomingdales is having their Friend & Family sale where you can get 20% off most purchases (starts today – 6/8). Below are items in heavy rotation on this blog that qualify for an additional discount (use code JUNEFRIENDS
- Kate Spade Gayla sunglasses (my absolute favorite
- Robin Piccone Penelope swimsuit (just bought in a size 4


  1. you look great, sydney! i never follow fashion rules about colours - they make no sense. the pattern on your dress is really pretty and i like the gold belt

  2. This look is beautiful! I have a weakness for beautiful animal prints - and I'm swooning over your dress :)

    I'm so glad I found your blog!

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


  3. Black and brown can definitely be worn together as demonstrated by you.

    Fashion rules were meant to be broken ;-)

  4. Black & brown can definitely be worn together! I love your blazer, dress, and belt together. : )

  5. Second what Jessy said. :) Very nice outfit.

  6. I wear black and brown all the time! I think the only time the combo doesn't work is wearing black pants with brown leather shoes... But who knows... Maybe someday that would be the new "it" thing, haha

  7. I don't believe in fashion rules either! To be truly creative with your fashion, there shouldn't be rules! I think this is a fantastic combination and you look so elegant :)


  8. Fashion rules, schmashion rules. You look fabulous! I love the print of your dress :)

  9. Hi Sydney. You look great! I was just wondering what brand blush/bronzer and color you used? Your makeup looks great in this set of photos!


  10. That dress looks gorgeous on you! The print is fab, and yes, it looks perfect with black.

  11. @Anonymous Hi A! Funny you asked because I *just* switched to a new bronzer. I am wearing the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer Powder in Sunny in this post. It's super affordable and works well for me. Though, I think I put a bit much here. I blame the bad lighting in the apartment =) If you're in the market for a new bronzer, definitely check this one out. Hope this helps!

  12. You look gorgeous! I'm with you on many fashion rules, they only apply if you don't know how to wear them right, and you definitely do. Found you through Tara's link up and glad I did!

  13. What a great dress! You look so classy and pretty. The brown and black look really great together.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. So gorgeous! I love that black and brown together!

  15. thanks for visiting my page! <3
    i'm all about breaking fashion rules. the black and brown one is stupid. your outfit looks great! very classic mix! =)
    ps -you do NOT look like you just had a baby!

  16. You look super chic! I think "rules" are outdated, though at times I still have a hard time pairing blue/black, black/brown, and gold/silver. That said, there is one fashion "rule" that should stay a rule, no socks with sandals!

  17. Love your outfit. The dress is gorgeous and that belt is fabulous.

    Visiting from Tara's Link Up. Stop by and link up with my weekly Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up and enter my sephora giveaway.


  18. yeah, i'm not big on fashion rules. my style is pretty muted compared to all of the neon and bold patterns out there, so i'm not too worried about standing out! i love your hair and makeup in these pics, btw. i don't know if you did something different or i'm just noticing in these pics.

  19. I tend to break this fashion rule all the time! I love wearing black and brown for work.

    Great outfit!


  20. Yeah I love the combination of your color choice. Also I would suggest white as well for the color combination. A white heal will do good :)