Sunday, June 16, 2013

My morning skincare routine

Today, I will be sharing my morning skincare routine. I remember the days when I would just wash my face with water and be done with it. I wasn't interested in skin care products until recently. 3 weeks ago, I switched to a new skin care product and am amazed (more info below). My morning skincare routine is very simple and takes no time at all. It works well for my busy morning schedule but still gives my skin what it needs all day.

1. Laneige Skin Refiner: I've been using this toner for about 2 years now. To be honest, it doesn't do anything life-changing to my skin. It does help make my skin smoother to ensure even makeup application.
2. Miracle Worker Retinoid Pads and Solution: When I first started using it, I wasn't impressed at all. I was going to return it but at the end, decided to give it some more time. I am glad I did because after a month of using it, I started seeing improvements on my skin. Although, the results are not very noticeable, it helps even out my skin's texture. I was surprised that it works well because I am sometimes sensitive to retinoid products.
3. Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock: This is my go-to sunscreen for years. I put it on in the morning as part of my skin care regiment and it absorbs quickly and evenly. No breakouts from this product despite the fact that is is on the thicker side.
4. Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate: I've been using this product for about 3 weeks now and all I can say is love.

  After finished my second bottle of Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, I headed over to Sephora in search of a new skin care serum. The SA has recommended Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Serum and gave me a 7-day sample pack to try. The package claims that you will notice results within 7 days of use. I was very pleased that I started to notice a difference within the first day of using this serum. After 3 days, my skin's appearance became brighter, more even and smoother. I was amazed! The serum itself is a milky color and on application it sank straight into my skin with no greasiness whatsoever. It is expensive price-wise but personally, I think it is so worth the price tag. I truly adore this serum and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. If you use any of the products mentioned, I'd love to know what you think of them.

 Happy Father's Day to the most special man in our lives. 


SnappyLemon said...

Thanks for sharing!

I haven't purchased the full-size Lancome product yet but I do love how it seems to even out my skin tone. I have acne scares and when I don't sleep much or when I don't take care of my skin, they are a lot more apparent. When I use the Lancome, it really helps.

For sunscreen, I've been using Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry because it doesn't leave a greasy feeling. On top of that, I can use it on my entire body for beach days.

I hope you had a great weekend! :)

Ginny said...

I love LancĂ´me, my favorite products are from there for skin care. I'll have to look int this serum.

Lisa said...

great post!! i love lancome products too.. will have to try out the miracle.. i react VERY badly to products with retinoid in them but i KNOW i need to seriously start using them!

Kim said...

I love the products from Lancome and Neutrogena. These are very famous companies with great products. I'm also using Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock and I like it. As described, this sheer formula helps combat sun-induced free-radical damage that can accelerate the signs of aging.

lisacng said...

You have wonderfully porcelain skin for someone who just recently cared about skin care!!! Lucky you. I started caring for my skin around 22 yrs old. Sunblock daily, moisturizer, and definitely need to wash it nightly. Definitely makes a difference.

Suz said...

How come you switched from the Caudalie one? I am thinking about buying it to lighten up some acne dark spots? said...

great article, this my best product are from there skin care. thanks for sharing it.