Thursday, February 27, 2014

Preparing for my first 10K

One of my resolutions this year is to stay fit and healthy. To be honest, with the move and everything, I fell off the exercise wagon for the past two months. The bad winter we have this year doesn't help either. Thankfully, a friend sent me this article and it really inspired me to get back into running. I made a commitment by signing up for a 10K race in April. I know I am not ready to do a 10K yet but I am willing to push myself and see how far I go. For those who are new to running, 10K is approximately 6.21 miles. I started my training 2 weeks ago:


Week 1: 
The first week went really well. As you can tell, I increased my mileage by 0.5 mile every other day. This is the best way to build up your running endurance and overall, strengthen your core.

Week 2: 
I started off the week with a 5-mile run. Then I couldn't find the time to run during the week since my husband was on a business trip. I only did 3 miles on Saturday because I knew I had to put in a long run the very next day. I can't stress enough the importance of not overdoing it. There is always a risk of injury with any type of physical activity. You know your body better than anyone else.

At this point, I am pretty confident that I can push myself to the finish line =) I still have 6 weeks left to get ready and am very excited about my very first 10K. I enjoy running as it is one of the most affordable and fuss-free ways to stay in shape. Six months ago, I couldn't run a mile without stopping so I hope this post inspires you in some way.


  1. Good luck Sydney! What app do you use?

  2. Good luck, Sydney! I've been wanting to do a 10k but 6.21 miles sounds so daunting! I've done 4 5k's in the past and have my fifth one in April. Hoping I'll take the plunge and sign up for a 10k later this year!

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  3. @lisacng @ I use the Nike+ running app to track my runs (both indoors and outdoors)

  4. @Jen Thanks, Jen! I know it sounds intimidating but it is actually not too bad.

  5. Best of luck! That app you have is the faces to choose from at the bottom. :p

  6. Have you tried the Coach feature in the Nike+ running app? I just started training for my first half marathon and I'm using the built in training program - it's a good way to keep myself accountable and know when to rest! Sounds like you are already ready for the 10K but maybe for future longer races :)

  7. @Vera A half sounds awesome. I will have to check that app out. Good luck with the training!

  8. Great job Sydney :) I'm starting running again for the year. I'm starting really small - only Sunday mornings and at the moment on average 3-5k but I'm trying to build up my endurance and possibly trying to fit in a run mid week :) Your posts will inspire me to run more :)