Sunday, November 9, 2014

Equitance Skin Care Review

While I am happy with my current skin care regimen, I am always open to try new products/options. 2 weeks ago, I am excited to receive the trial kit in the mail c/o Equitance! I wanted to quickly share my thoughts after using the products for 2 weeks straight.

Equitance Review

I have always been a fan of Asian skin care products. They seem to work well for me. The trial kit contains: brightening foaming cleanser, brightening toning lotion, brightening serum & spot corrector, hydrating brightening cream, sunscreen broad spectrum and skin radiance dietary supplement. In the mornings, after washing my face, I rub the brightening toning lotion all over my face. I then follow up with the spot corrector. Next, I apply the brightening cream and finish off with the sunscreen. In the evenings, I follow the same steps but use the brightening foaming cleanser with my Clarisonic as the first step and skip the sunscreen.

Equitance Review
{Pictured: Clarisonic Mia (20% off with code GIFTVIB - ends tomorrow), Waffle cotton robe, Equitance skin care kit}

In general, skin care products tend to take some time to be effective so I can't give a concrete review just yet. However, first impressions - I am impressed! They are lightweight, absorb quickly and do not leave a greasy feeling behind for my skin. I love the clean fresh smell and most importantly, they do not break me out. Even though I only use these products for a short period of time, I definitely notice the difference - my skin looks brighter and healthier. If you're on the hunt for new skin care products (especially for the upcoming winter), I highly recommend the trial kit. It's a cost effective way to experience new products. Linking up with Manic Monday and Style to Inspire today!

Disclaimer: I received the trial kit c/o Equitance. As always, my reviews are my own personal opinions.


Darcy said...

How cool! I have never heard of this brand before!

Unknown said...

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