Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014


This was the 1st Thanksgiving in our new home and I am blessed to have so many great things in my life - my loving family, my supportive husband and my 2 girls. Life is not always rainbows and roses but no matter what happens, I know my family will always be there for me. Our Thanksgiving has always been lunch. We love to mix traditional Thanksgiving dishes and Asian dishes. After gobbling down that massive lunch, we relaxed by the fireplace to let the food digest before heading out the door for some shopping. We got to the mall around 7:00 pm and didn't get home until midnight. A huge thanks to my parents for taking care of the kids. I did score some great gifts at incredible prices. This was the first time we went shopping on Thanksgiving and let me tell you, it was nuts. We then woke up early this morning and were out for round two of Black Friday shopping =) One of the purchases today was this 10ft Christmas tree. It's going up as we speak. The kids are so excited. I am all shopped out and will have use the next 3 days to recoup. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Did you brave the crowds for Black Friday shopping?



Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney. Love your blog! I also love your kitchen! Is that granite on your countertop? Can you tell me what is the color? Thanks!

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Anonymous Hi there! Yes, it's granite and the official name is Vintage Black in leather look. This type of granite has 2 sides. One side is a typical high gloss finish and the other side is a matte finish. I knew I didn't want a big slab of shiny counter-top so we decided to flip it around. I really love the way it turned out. Hope that helps and thank you for stopping by!

Emily said...

I love the idea of an Asian fusion Thanksgiving dinner! We went all Asian this year with a traditional Taiwanese hotpot. :)

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