Friday, March 20, 2015

15K Training - Week 5

**All photos were taken with the Canon 6D camera and the Canon 85mm F1.8 lens**

{Outfit provided by Kyodan Clothing | Nike Flex | F21 aviator}

My 15K race is getting closer - that means I have to keep up with my training. Not going to lie - it's tough (especially those weekend long runs). However, things begin to warm up and it does help quite a bit. Running outside and getting fresh air instantly puts me in a better mood. Although the dreaded treadmill did get me through our brutal winter here in the Midwest. Below is the recap of my training (week #5). I ran a total of 16 miles that week. I have 3 weeks left to work up to 9 miles. Yikes! As mentioned regularly, cute workout clothes are definitely a huge inspiration for me. I seriously love all the fun prints and bright colors Kyodan activewear offers this season. You can check out other workout outfits from Kyodan activewear that I have featured here and here.

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