Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ESQIDO Unforgettable Lashes

{ESQIDO Unforgettable lashes - trimmed to fit my eye shape}

With a history of mascular degeneration, I don't wear eye makeup most days. However, once in awhile, I do enjoy putting on a pair of false eyelashes. The Ardell demi wispies was one of my favorites. Thanks to ESQIDO for sending over these fabulous mink lashes. They're amazing! As you can tell from my picture below, they look super natural but give the right amount of volume and length. The band is so thin meaning they are comfortable to wear


ESQIDO false lashes range from $34-$42. This might seem expensive but you can get up to 25 wears from a pair of lashes. After each wear, I gently peel the thin strip of glue off of the lashes using tweezers. I then place them back in the box to help them maintain their shape. If you are interested in ESQIDO false lashes, use code BEAUTIFUL for 10% off.


Kelsey&Kenecha said...

They look lovely & sound fab :D


Unknown said...

I need those false lashes in my life right now! Thanks for the recommendation! xx

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous lashes!