Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The quest for the perfect white denim

A pair of white denim is on my spring/summer wishlist this year. I purchased these GAP always skinny jeans years ago (as seen here and here). While they are not perfect, they have served me well over the years. After 3 years, I knew it's time to find a replacement as they're starting to wear down. What I look for in my new pair of white jeans: quality thick material (not the typical jeggings fabric), skinny cut, mid-rise, preferably under $100 and the most important factor besides the material is the length. I promise myself I won't be cuffing my jeans anymore.

{Old Navy Mid-rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans - 40% off - ends tonight}

I've had good luck with Old Navy jeans in the past so thought I'd start there. They didn't have a size 0 in a short length available so I tried on a 2R. They were just big overall and as expected, the regular length is too long on me.

{Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Cropped Jeans - 40% off - ends tonight}

Then I tried on the same size in "cropped" length and hoped it might work as a regular length on me. Nope, the length hits at an awkward spot.

{WHBM Saint Honore Skimmer Jeans}

Next up is these skimmer jeans from White House Black Market. I own a few items from their petite line but have never tried on their jeans. The material feels nice and seems durable. However, the sizing was way off on me (a 2 was too big and a 0 was too tight). I didn't care for the ankle zippers either.

{LOFT Modern High-waist Skinny Ankle Jeans - currently 40% off}

I then made a quick stop at one of my trusty stores - LOFT. The store near where I live has a very small petite section. These jeans were the only pair available in my size. Loved the thick material but again, they weren't a perfect fit.

{Articles of Society Sarah Skinny Jeans - starting in size 23}

Next up is these Articles of Society jeans from Nordstrom. I placed an order last week and had high hopes for them. They’re actually not bad. The material is not as thick as I would have liked but it’s not see-through either. If you wear nude undergarment, you should be OK. The price is actually really good for a decent pair of jeans. The overall length measures 37", inseam = 29", waist = 13". The overall length is about an inch longer than my desired length (which isn't too bad). They might shrink a tad after washing/drying. The only thing that I am not too thrilled about is those non-functional pockets. I can’t stand them. If non-functional pockets isn't an issue for you, I would recommend these jeans. I will hold on to these jeans for another 2 weeks to see if I can get my "perfect pair of white denim" - read more below. If not, I will keep these.


From left to right:
1. Rag & Bone in bright white (size 25) - On sale - 30% off with code FRNFAM
2. AG The Leggings Ankle Jeans (size 25) - 30% off with code FRNFAM
3. Joe's Annie Skinny Jeans (size 24) - 30% off with code FRNFAM

Frustrated with the fit, I decided to pop into Saks to check out some premium denim options. I won't go into much details but overall, I wasn't impressed. Everything I tried on is made out of the stretchy lightweight fabric. The material is comfy to wear and actually good for dark denim. For a pair of white jeans, I find the stretchy material is very unforgiving.

I save the best for last – I am in love with these Express legging jeans. On a whim, I tried these on and it was love at first try. They fit me really well. As you can tell from the pictures, the length is absolutely perfect on me. Only one problem – they’re sold out everywhere in my size (in white). I've been calling every single store near me as well as checking online every morning but so far no luck. I will for sure pick them up as soon as they become available. If you have any recommendations for a perfect pair of white denim, I’d love to hear!


Mica said...

Shame you can't find your perfect pair of white jeans! It can be tough finding the perfect jeans. Once I find a brand I like I stick with it, as the styles in that brand seem to always work for me :)

Good luck with your search!

Away From The Blue

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reviewing! I'm on the same mission ;-) May I ask how tall are you?

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Anonymous I am 5'2". Good luck =)

Anonymous said...

Have you try Paige jeans? I've recently bought a pair of white jeans from Paige and I love them. Good luck!

julia mazzucato said...

I love Hudson's girls jeans and Paige denim! Perfect for my 5'0" frame.
Julia // Little Miss Haute Couture

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Anonymous I've heard great things about Paige jeans. I might have to give them a try.