Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sumissura Review :: Made-to-measure Outerwear

Today, I have a very exciting review for you. Living in a cold climate, I look out for a well made coat every year. However, being petite, finding a good-fitting coat is not always an easy task. When Sumissura reached out to me to introduce their custom coats, I feel intrigued. Outfit details: JCrew sweater | Banana Republic shirt | Sumissura coat | Express leggings | Ninewest boots | Quay sunglasses


How it works: Sumissura carries a wide rang of clothing items including: shirts, skirts, blouses and outerwear. What makes it unique is that each piece can be customized to fit your exact measurements. The process is quite simple: you select your desired piece, choose the fabric then add unique touches such as your initials to make your item even more personal. They provide 3D visualization throughout the design process so that you can see exactly what your piece is going to look like in real life. I have to say the design process was pretty cool and fun. I decided to go with a classic wool jacket. A snapshot of my coat's specifications is below. For a 100% custom coat, the cost is actually very affordable.

{all customization options}

Delivery time: I placed my order on 12/7 and received the jacket in the mail on 12/28. Generally speaking, the average delivery time is 15 days from the date of payment


Return & exchange: Because each item is custom tailored to your measurements, they cannot be returned. However, if your garment does not fit, Sumissura will cover your product alterations up to $50. If your local tailors cannot fix it, they will produce another garment from scratch with your new measurements. The amounts of refunds correspond to a maximum of: $50 for suits and coats, $35 for jackets and $20 for pants, shirts, and skirts. Pretty cool if you ask me!

{my coat details}

Quality & craftsmanship: I am seriously impressed with the quality and the craftsmanship of the coat. This is my honest opinion and I do not get paid to write positive reviews. The fabric I chose was 100% cashmere. It feels so soft and luxurious. I inspected the coat carefully and there is absolutely no loose threads, all stitches are straight and the craftsmanship is impeccable.


Fit & details: You can either select their predetermined measurements based on your height, weight and body shape or enter your own measurements. I went with the latter. I got the measurements off of my beloved J.Crew coat and everything fits to a T (see the comparison here and here) It's the best feeling in the world to put on something that fits properly. If I had to nitpick, a couple things could have been better. #1, the belt is way too long. The belt size should be proportioned to the rest of the measurements. It's way too long that I have to wrap it around my waist twice. #2, the color of the fabric is lighter than expected. I am OK with this since my J.Crew coat is a little darker. If this is something important to you, I highly suggest you order fabric samples before commit ordering. Everything else is made the way it's supposed to. I am kicking myself for not being a little adventurous in selecting the fabric but I really love this coat. It's a classic and will never go out of style. Last but not least, they forgot to monogram the coat :(

{love the checkered lining}

A special thanks to Sumissura for sponsoring this post


Lillian said...

Hi Sydney! That coat looks wonderful on you! May I ask for the specific measurements you sent (using the lady day coat measurements) since I am around the same size as you? How warm is the coat? The coat seems relatively fitted even though you chose a straight waistline. I am debating between fitted and straight as I want a fitted look with which I can still layer; do you have any tips? I've looked all winter for a tailored coat, and might want to try this option. Thanks for your insightful posts!

Lillian said...

Also wondering how the pockets with buttons turned out (vs. no buttons) :)

Fi said...

Great coat! How did you choose between full and 3/4 length, especially with being petite?

Anonymous said...

Are the measurements they require for the garment or for the actual body?

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Lillian Hi Lillian! My exact measurements are: shoulder-to-shoulder = 15", sleeve length = 23", body length = 34" and sleeve opening = 5". These are the exact measurements of my J.Crew lady day coat in a size 00R (with the exception of the body length = 36"). I'd say this particular coat provides medium warmth. It's not heavy enough for Midwest winter but would be fine with some light layers. If you live in a warmer climate, this coat is all you need. I chose a straight waistline because again, my J.Crew coat is very fitted. I just wanted something slightly different. The coat is fitted but still have enough room for layering. I am not sure what you meant about the pockets. I hope this answers your questions =)

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Fi It all depends on your personal preference. I already have a couple of full-length coats so this time, I decided to go with a 3/4 length one.

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Anonymous Basically, when you get to the measurements section, all fields are populated with their pre-determined numbers based on your height, weight and body type. Then you have the option to enter your own specific measurements (for the garment) and that's what I did. Hope it makes sense!

Straight A Style said...

Beautiful coat! Love the tie and it fits you perfectly.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Anonymous said...

This I pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.