Monday, May 16, 2016

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

It's been awhile since I've done a home update so I thought today I'd share the kids' playroom as well as our storage solution (see the rest of our home here). When we built our home, we designed the kids play room to be central to the kitchen and the great room. While wonderful for the family to stay connected through day to day activities (i.e., cooking, home work and lots of play time) – the toys, dolls, books and games are not out-of-sight, out-of-mind. The challenge we faced was to make the room a multi-purpose room – though mainly dedicated to the kids, but quickly made presentable to those over 10 years old. Items pictured: Sharp 70" TV | KidKraft Kitchen Playset | Ikea activity table


The idea is to clean up the kids mess quickly. This means having storage for everything. Their play room floor goes from child disaster to tip-top-shape in under five minutes – with or without the help of the little ones. When we built our home, we added four sets of 36” wide base cabinets in the play room with this in mind. The cabinets are topped with granite – making it easy to transition from play room to adult space depending on the occasion. Each cabinet is deep and has two large hinged doors and a single shelf. This allows for each cabinet to hold 4 plastic storage containers measuring 24” wide x 16” deep x 13” high. These clear plastic bins are light weight, stackable and the kids can easily identify what's inside.


We devoted one cabinet to all the family electronics. This cabinet stores the Wii, Blue Ray player, tuner/amplifier, and surge protector. We also store a hindered or so DVDs, plus and assortment of remotes and headphones. It is great having all of the electronics and cords out of sight. All of the wires to the TV are routed through and behind the wall down to the power source and electronics inside the cabinet.


The cabinet nearest to the children’s activity desk houses a multi-drawer unit from Ikea. The six drawers vary in height to accommodate tons of art supplies and every imaginable collectable your child has run across in their young lives. I hope you find this post helpful. Kids are messy, no doubt about it but at the end of each night, I guarantee their playroom will look like the first photo. And the best part? Five minutes is all we need to tidy up their messy room.



Tara | The Mix said...

This looks great and so organized!

koko said...

it's so useful

Unknown said...

WOW. This is so neat I would never have believed that it doubles as a children's storage and play area! You must run a really tight ship and kudos to you for being able to keep things so organized!