Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Best Cookware :: 4 Simple Recipes

Today, I am excited to share a cooking video. We have homemade meals 5 days a week. Between work and family, cooking dinner every night can be a real challenge. I rely heavily on 2 things in my kitchen. The first one is the Nuwave oven. This oven is 3.5 years old and I use it at least twice a week. When we first moved to an apartment while waiting for our home to be built, I had absolutely no counter space. All my pots and pans were in storage. Saw a commercial on TV, decided to give this oven a try and I couldn't be happier. I don't use my big oven anymore after getting the Nuwave oven. It saves energy and time (most recipes take less than 20 minutes). The most important thing is that it helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle (no oil needed). I use it to bake, grill, reheat leftovers, boil eggs and so much more. I sound like a QVC host but I really do love this oven lol. The plastic dome finally cracked after 3 years of use. I did replace it with the pro power dome (supposedly more durable than the original one)


The next one is the Breville multi-cooker. Hubby got this for me last year as a Mother's Day gift. I was skeptical at first because for some reason, I was scared of pressure cookers. After the first few uses, I can honestly say this thing is a life saver. It replaces my rice cooker, my slow cooker, my pots and pans and even my oven. Everything always comes out perfect and delicious. I can't imagine not having this cooker in my kitchen now.

Today, I am showing you 4 easy recipes (links to the original recipes below). This is what I truly cook for my family (I was in my pj's no less). I hope you enjoy. I will try to do more lifestyle posts this year. They just take a lot more time to produce.

Recipe # 1: Chunky beef cabbage soup
Recipe # 2: General Tso's chicken
Recipe # 3: Teriyaki salmon with vegetables
Recipe # 4: Korean pancakes


Karrie said...

I really liked this post. I watched the entire video.
I own an Instant Pot and love it. I will be looking into the Nuwave oven. Your salmon came out looking great.

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Karrie Thank you for watching =) Definitely look into the Nuwave oven. You'll like it

Oregon fan said...

Thank you for this video. I LOVED the ideas and how diverse the recipes were. I am definitely inspired to try these yummy recipes!