Monday, March 6, 2017

Choker Neck Sweater :: High Waisted Denim


One of the hottest trends this Spring is choker sweaters (along with cold-shoulder sweaters, lace-up sweaters and ruffle sweaters just to name a few). I tried a few choker sweaters in the past but they ended up not working out for me (the neckline plunged a little too low, too baggy, the length was too long). I decided to give this one a try after reading the online reviews. The most common complaint was the sweater being too short/too small. Please note this is a "one size fits all" sweater. However, we all have different body types so I understand why it would not work for everyone. The sweater fits my short frame well. It's slightly cropped and I love how it looks with a pair of high waisted denim. The quality is decent for how much it costs (been washed and dried 3 times). If you have a similar body type, I would suggest this sweater. Otherwise, it would not work for you. Outfit details: Shein sweater  c/o | ASOS jeans | Tom Ford sunglasses



Anonymous said...

hi sydney. i noticed that you've been looking fuller in the bust recently and was wondering if you had breast augmentation done? if so, i would love to see a post on your experience, advice/tips, etc. i'm petite myself and have always been flat-chested. always wondered about it but never really had the guts to follow through!

Straight A Style said...

Love that sweater! I am enjoying the choker trend. Looks great with your denim.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style