Sunday, March 12, 2017

Random thoughts : 5 things I'd never do as a blogger


Did you know I've been blogging for almost 8 years? Crazy, right? I started this blog in May of 2009 and never thought I would still be blogging 8 years later. While a lot has changed, a few things remain the same and will never fade away. I thought I'd share some of my thoughts below. Outfit details: J.Crew tee | Gamiss coat | Zara pants *similar* | Guess boots | Tom Ford sunglasses | Chanel bag and pin

1. I will not buy followers or likes: Yes, you can totally buy Instagram followers and likes. Doing so will certainly boost your social media presence (which will bring more opportunities). However, I know I'd not feel good about myself knowing that my followers are not real. My IG account has a tiny following but I gain every single one of you organically. I truly appreciate you sticking with me.

2. I will not plaster my kids on social media: I fully respect their privacy. I turned down so many collaborations that involve my children. No amount of free stuff or compensation that worth exposing my kids on social media. Just like any parent, I am super proud of my kids and want to show them off on social media. However, at the end of the day, no one really cares about your kids except the parents (especially when it comes to strangers on the internet). I purposely keep them offline and will continue to do so


3. I will not make my husband an Instagram husband: I totally admire bloggers who have their significant others take their blog/IG photos. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my husband is not one of those - even if I try). Blogging is not everyone's cup of tea and I am OK with it. Not going to force him to do something that he's not too fond of.

4. I will not stage my life on IG: Just remember, Instagram is not real life. People only show you what they want you to see. Take this photo as an example - the caption said "Sunday, I love you". The photo is beautiful but is that real life? My Sunday morning certainly does not look like this. More than likely, you'll find me at a local grocery store trying to get some shopping done before my kids wake up. Wonder how much effort she put into staging that one IG photo?


5. I will not shamelessly self-promote my blog: There are many ways to self promote your blog (leave a comment including the link to your blog, act like best friends with big time influencers on social media...). It's not my thing. It's never been and it will never be. I follow roughly 50 IG accounts (which is unheard of these days). Half of them are brands. I only follow accounts that I truly want to follow. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit more. Feel free to share your thoughts!



Fanny said...

Thanks for this post, Sydney! It's reasons like this that I continue to read your blog. As I've grown older, fashion isn't as big a priority in my life. However, I continue to follow petite fashion bloggers because they've become like friends to me. Thank you for staying down to earth and hope you continue to find this blog a hobby!

Dash of Fash and Finance said...

Happy Monday! Honestly I agree with all your points..that's why I feel God connected me to your blog...btw Those days can be tough with my tripod but when you love something it's definitely worth it:) Great portraits as always! Stay encouraged and have a blessed week!


Christie said...

100% agreed. Keep doing you. <3

Fonda @Savvy Southern Chic said...

Thanks! I totally agree. I won't buy Instagram followers and I'm growing an account slowly with real people. I don't stage anything. If I don't wear it or do it, it's not getting posted and I take my own photos because my husband is not into it.

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Fanny Thank you for your continued support <3

Oregon fan said...

Your authenticity oozes through your posts! I continue to follow your blog for fashion inspiration as well as your down to earth perspective. Keep writing!

Katherine said...

I agree buying likes isn't authentic and I would much rather follow a blog or insta account for the content :)
Keep it up :)

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Oregon fan I hope you know your support means the world to me

Anonymous said...

This is the best blog for me! It's certainly becoming addictive. :). Great tips and awesome advice
I must tell you that I don't really like a flashy style and that's why I always check out your blog and imitate you...not flashy but classy!
I beg you: don't stop blogging!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

You do a wonderful job and I completely respect the boundaries you have set for yourself. The lines of reality can get a bit blurred in social media, so it's refreshing to see a REAL approach. Keep up the thoughtful content and lovely

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Unknown said...

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