Monday, July 17, 2017

10 pieces :: 20 work outfits

This post is dedicated to Jenny - a super sweet and supportive reader. She has requested more posts featuring work outfits. I wanted to do something like this for awhile but never find time for it. In this video, I carefully selected 10 different pieces (3 bottoms, 4 tops, 2 skirts and 1 dress) and put together 20 work-appropriate outfits without repeat. That's an entire month's worth of outfits for you =) I spent weeks planning the outfits, changing, filming and editing the video. I wanted to prove that you don't need a closet full of clothes to be stylish. Just a few key pieces, you can mix and match to create many different looks. The key is to stick with the same color scheme and neutral pieces. These are wearable outfits for a business casual work environment. I work in IT in a non-customer facing role so this is basically how I dress everyday. If you enjoy this video, please follow and support my Instagram account. I am trying to grow my social media organically by producing better content (without following thousands of accounts, doing silly giveaways and/or buying followers). Happy Monday! 

1. J by JOA culottes *size XS* - no longer available (the rest of the collection here)
2. GAP white tee *size XS*
3. Who what wear sleeveless blouse *size XS*
4. Old Navy chambray shirt *size XS*
5. J.Crew skirt *size 00P*
6. Express jeans *size 0S*
7. WHBM white trousers *size 0P*
8. H&M cardigan *size S*
9. H&M pleated skirt *size 2*
10. H&M sheath dress *size 2*

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Dash of Fash and Finance said...

Hi Sydney! I love the video and thanks for the inspiration! Pray you have a wonderful week!