Sunday, July 15, 2018

Polka Dot Ruffle Bikini

My family and I just came back from a weekend getaway and we had so much fun. With everything going on this summer, we decided not to take a big trip. Instead, we're taking weekend trips and/or doing things close to home. It's been a fun summer so far. The kids look forward to something every weekend. This week, we took a road trip to Silver Beach, Michigan. To be completely honest, I am not a fan of beaches that aren't on the ocean. They're just not the same. None of us have been to Michigan before. However, our visit was a pleasant surprise. The beach is super clean, family friendly and has tons of attractions for kids (lots of happy visitors here). It's probably one of the best "lake" beaches that I've ever been to. Definitely something we consider going back in the future. I wore this polka-dot swimsuit and got a lot of compliments. How adorable, right? The top is a bit revealing but the bottom has full coverage (double lined). It's so chic and girly at the same time. For under $15, it was a great purchase. I don't know about you but vacation planning gives me joy. On the way back home, my little girl said "Mommy, I had the best weekend". The hubs looked at me and said "Honey, you did good!". Make my heart so happy. Outfit details: Shein swimsuit *size S* | Free People sunglasses | Brixton hat

PolkaDotsSwimsuit_SydneysFashionDiary PolkaDotsSwimsuit_SydneysFashionDiary


Anonymous said...

sydney, maybe it's the lighting but the first picture is not very flattering. your implants look lopsided, one looks higher/fuller than the other.

Karrie said...

You look great in this swimsuit. This was a great find! Thank you for sharing. I love the idea of mini vacations. The rest of our summer is too busy for any vacations before school starts, but I would like to plan some for next summer.

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

I didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion about how my boobs look. Since you took a minute of your life to leave me a comment, I will make sure they are perfectly straight before taking a picture next time, Thanks for checking them out :)

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

Thanks, Karrie!