Sunday, October 28, 2018

Building a luxury collection :: What to buy and not to buy

Before making a luxury purchase, I always ask myself "Should I splurge on this item or should I save?" I've been collecting luxury pieces for almost a decade now so I thought I'd share some of my tips when it comes to building a luxury collection. What you should buy first and what you should save your coins.

What you should get: A mini handbag
What you should not get: A full-size wallet
Gucci Marmont bag ($890) vs. Chanel wallet  ($850)
Typically, when people started collecting luxury pieces, they usually go for a designer wallet. A designer wallet not only satisfies their craving for a designer piece but also in most cases, cheaper than an actual designer bag. I am here to tell you, don't do that =) A wallet will always stay inside your bag. A wallet can only act as a wallet. However, if you purchase a versatile handbag, it will take you from day to night seamlessly. Take this Gucci mini Marmont bag as an example. In this video, I demonstrated how you can wear it 5 different ways. It's for sure a better bang for your buck
What you should get: A designer belt
What you should not get: A pair of designer sunglasses
Gucci belt ($450) vs. Gucci sunglasses ($350)
I know everyone and their mother is wearing the Gucci Marmont belt but I am here to tell you it really does kick your simple outfit up a notch. I own this belt for about 2 months now and I can't get enough of it. It instantly elevates an outfit. On the flip side, if you're thinking about getting a pair of Gucci sunglasses, don't. There are so many great dupes just as good as the real thing. I have these $20 sunglasses and they're great. Also, this is an amazing dupe ($85) and they looks identical to these $350 sunglasses.

What you should get: A watch
What you should not get: Designer shoes
Michele watch ($995) vs. Valentino shoes ($995)
I am a huge fan of watches. A nice watch is the ultimate power-play accessory and instantly makes you look put together. For that reason, I am (still) over the moon to own my ultimate dream watch. A great watch does not have to be a Rolex. Michele is one of my favorite watch makers. Her watches are classic and timeless. For a luxury watch, their price range is reasonable. I also love the fact that they're not as widely known as other brands. Designer shoes in the other hand are not worth the investment. They show wear and tear so quickly.
What you should get: A classic brooch
What you should not get: A scarf
Chanel brooch ($775) vs. Burberry scarf ($430)
If you're looking to build your luxury collection, I highly recommend getting the Chanel classic brooch as your first piece. Brooches are a great way to personalize your outfit. They can be worn countless ways. I plan to do a post to show you different ways to wear a brooch so stay tuned for that. I love mine so much and this particular style goes with everything. On the other hand, a classic Burberry scarf isn't a bad choice. However, it's a seasonal piece and cannot be worn year-round. I would stick with versatile pieces if you're starting out your collection rather than seasonal pieces
What you should get: A classic coat
What you should not get: A designer tee
Burberry trench coat ($1650) vs. Gucci tee ($590)
When it comes to designer clothes, the only category that I am willing to invest in is outerwear. It's the first thing people will notice about your outfit in the winter. Nothing beats the classic Burberry trench coat. I've noticed their prices went up quite a bit over the last few years. I purchased mine in 2014 for $995. They're now in the $1500 price range. Gucci t-shirts are all the rage these day and I know there is a big difference in price between a Burberry coat and a Gucci t-shirt. However, Burberry does have sales and sometimes, you can catch a Burberry trench coat for 30% - 40% off. I can tell you right now that a classic trench coat will stand the test of time but designer t-shirts won't be in style forever. There you have it. I hope you find these tips helpful. I am interested to know what was your first luxury purchase =)?

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