Friday, November 2, 2018

Chanel Price Increase 2018 :: Save thoudsands on luxury pieces

Just in case you didn't know, Chanel had another price increase yesterday on their bags. Below are the new prices:
Classic flaps:
- Small classic - was $4700, now $5000
- M/L classic - was $5300, now $5600
- Jumbo classic - was $5900, now $6200
- Maxi classic - was $6400, now $6700
- Square mini - was $2900, now $3200
- Rectangular mini - was $3300, now $3500
- Small boy - was $4300, now $4500
- Medium boy - $4700, now $4900
- Large boy - $5200, now $5400

With this rate, looking into the pre-loved market is the way to go. I am a huge fan of pre-owned bags. I truly believe there are gems to be found. Not to mention you can save hundreds (and sometimes, thousands) of dollars on pre-owned handbags.
Chanel J12 watch - This watch was (and still is?) on my wishlist. Not sure if I still want to get it considering I just purchased my Rolex watch not too long ago. One thing I know for sure that I will never pay retail for it. Chanel J12 watches do not hold their value. This watch is in excellent condition for $3300 less than retail!
- Prada Double Cuir bag: Once upon a time, I owned this bag. It's a gorgeous bag but the size medium did not work for me. This bag (in a size small) is selling for $1100 less than retail. How amazing is the color?
- Chanel small boy (was $4500, save $1350). This is an amazing price for a classic Chanel boy bag in a size small.
- Celine nano luggage tote (was $2700, save over $1000). Amazing selection of Celine luggage totes here. I love this off white color.
- Christian Dior Lady Dior bag. This bag is very expensive brand new but for some reason, they don't hold their value at all. Save almost $2000 on this particular bag (how crazy, right?)
- Valentino Rockstud bag - This is another popular designer bag but for some reason, does not hold the value either. This bag brand new retails for $2300, get it here is less than $900! This bag is perfect for the upcoming holiday seasons.

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