Friday, March 29, 2019

A career update

Happy Friday, ladies! Today is my kids' last day of Spring break. I unfortunately couldn't take any time off from work but we did spend lots of time together in the evenings. We walked, took many trips to a local park and the girls had a bunch of play dates with their friends. Can't believe March is coming to an end. Today marks the beginning of my 4th month at my new job! A few of you have reached out to wish me well in all my future endeavors after I shared that I changed job again. Today, I wanted to share a quick update with you. To make it short, I love it! I'd even go as far as to say that I might have landed my dream job. If you know me in person and you know where I work, you'd agree with me. The company is amazing. There are many opportunities to grow and develop myself and my career path here. Even though it's been only 3 months, I can see myself making a long-term career here. Having a full time career has already been a big part of my life and it always will be. Because of that, being happy at work is extremely important to me. Looking back at my previous job (that I had for only 5 months), it weighted me down. Will I continue to work there if I hadn't found this job? Yes, I had to. With our current lifestyle, we need 2 sources of income. However, as someone who likes to take charge, I knew I had to seeks way to make the situation better. This is not just about my job, it's who I am. Whether it's about my marriage, my body image or my financial situation etc..if there is something that I can do to make improvements, you bet I will find a way to do so. Outfit details: Target mom jeans | Similar bodysuit | Steve Madden wedges | J.Crew coat

One thing about this job that I wish it could be better is the commute. I work downtown now. It typically takes me between 35-45 minutes to commute each way. Since I love my job so much, I am willing to do so. My husband and I figured out a new schedule that allows me to reduce my commute time and avoid traffic. On the flip side, I love the energy that comes with being downtown. I walk everywhere. My coworkers and I discover countless varied restaurant options within walking distance of the office. Not to mention it's refreshing to get out of the office and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Some days I just spend my lunch time people watching. Can't wait to experience a variety of activities that downtown Columbus has to offer during the summer months. Have a great weekend, everyone!