Saturday, November 16, 2019

Gucci Shoes Sale

I posted to my IG story that I was going to share a designer shoes sale (Gucci shoes are included). I got a few DMs asking when I am planning to do so. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it's a pre-sale for card holders only. The sale will available to everyone next Friday (11/22). However, I found another designer shoes sale that worth mentioning. The discount isn't significant but the selection is huge (compared to the one I am going to share next Friday). If you have a certain style in mind and are looking to save a bit of $$, this is a better choice for you.
1. Gucci Princetown mules
2. Gucci Ace sneakers
3. Gucci Brixton leather loafers
4. Gucci thong sandals
5. Gucci platform espadrille
6. Gucci Canvas loafers
7. Gucci platform sandals
8. Gucci Marmont boots
9. Gucci platform wedges
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