Friday, February 21, 2020

10 things I can't live without

Today, I am sharing 10 things that I can't live without. These are things I use every single day without fail. If something happens to these items or if I run out of these products, I would repurchase over and over again.
1. Levi's wedgie jeans: See them on me here and here. I bought these jeans last year and I am so obsessed with them. So obsessed that I went and got the second pair. They are super flattering. I got both pairs in a size 25 and they fit amazing. If you're into mom jeans, give them a try. I promise you won't be disappointed. I have the distressed version (for the weekend) and the non-distressed version (for casual Friday).
2. Dyson V11 cordless vacuum: I got this vacuum for Christmas and I can't put it down lol. My husband and I are a bit of a clean freak. Having a clean house is even more important to us now that we have a puppy. This vacuum is small, lightweight but incredibly powerful. It picks up everything and it's been a joy to use.
3. SMEG tea kettle: I am a tea drinker. I drink a cup of green tea before going to bed every single night. My husband got me this tea kettle a few months ago and I am so in love with it. It heats up extremely fast. Not to mention, it looks super cute on my counter top. Eventually, I want to replace all my current small appliances with SMEG appliances
4. My Macbook air: This was another Christmas gift that I've been enjoying so much. This Macbook air is so lightweight and adorable. I didn't think I would need a new laptop but now, I can't image not having it
5. AirPods Pro: Another Apple product that I am obsessed with. I own a few affordable wireless earbuds but nothing beats the Airpods. The biggest issue I have with other versions is that they don't stay on my ears when I run. As soon as I sweat, they would fall off my ears. Not with the AirPods, I ran a half marathon with these in my ears and they stay put the entire time. Definitely worth the $$. I can't imagine running without them now. Noise cancelling is one of the key features of the AirPods Pro and it works amazing!
6. Breville multi- cooker: I have this multi cooker for several years now and I am still obsessed with it. It's a life saver. My husband and I are full-time working parents. This cooker makes my life so much easier when it comes to cooking. Dinner can be ready in 30 minutes or less. Everything always come out perfect and super delicious. This cooker was my Mother's Day gift 3 years ago. I accidentally broke the first one. I couldn't bear not having it in my life so I went and bought another one immediately after. That's how much I love it. If you haven't jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon yet you are missing out!
7. IT cosmetics CC cream matte with SPF 40: I don't talk about makeup products often on here  just because I am not a beauty junkie. I use the same makeup/skin care products for years. I picked up the IT Cosmetics CC cream (the matte version) a few months ago and I now understand the hype! The coverage is amazing. I have oily skin and this works very well for me (especially in the summer). I will for sure continue to repurchase this.
8. Jo Malone peony & blush suede cologne: This really has become my signature scent, to the point that people in the office noticed. It is a very delicate fragrance and not at all overpowering. It's also amazing layered with other Jo Malone scents. I love the scent so much that I also purchased the candle and the hand/body lotion.
9. Biossance gel moisturizer: This is one of the new skincare products that I picked up last year and I am so impressed. Since it's a gel moisturizer, it's light enough for my oily skin but hydrating enough that makes it feel plump and soft. This is my new skin care go to.
10. Lancome primermascara: I use this combination for years and I am still not over it. This primer/mascara combination does wonders for my short lashes. The primer not only conditions and protects your lashes but also keeps your mascara on all day! No flakes, no smudges, no running. I am always looking for the perfect mascara and I finally found it. They are truly magical products!

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