Monday, March 23, 2020

3 Big Home Improvement Projects To Consider

If you’re considering taking on some big home improvement projects, you might be weighing up your best options. Large projects take a lot of planning and money, so you need to know you’re making the right changes. But how do you know? 
If rooms feel too cramped and family members are arguing over space, then an extension is probably the right choice. Basing improvements on what will make your life better, should be first and foremost. But there is another factor to consider too. And that’s adding value to your home.
Here’s a few big home improvement projects that could benefit your lifestyle and your assets.

Creating an open plan living space

Some of us already live with open plan kitchen-diners or even combined kitchens and lounges. But due to the size of our houses, there’s often a compromise that’s been made. From kitchens being too small, to cramped dining areas. These type of open plan spaces don’t tend to work for modern living. So, creating an extended space for airy, spacious living could be the answer.
Whether you’re combining two existing rooms or creating an extension, there are costs to consider. First up, you’ll need to work out how much floorspace will be required. For a modern kitchen-diner, you’ll need enough room for a full-sized kitchen, dining furniture and plenty of space in-between. You want it spacious rather than squashed together. Then there are things like new windows and the flooring to consider. Getting help with the design may be worth the initial cost, so you get it right first time.

Building a garage extension

Garages are often overlooked, but they do add value to a home. If your home has the external space, it’s certainly worth some consideration. Again, you’ll need to weigh up the cost to build a garage extension with how much you’ll see the benefit from it. It may be that some other type of extension will be of more use to your family.
A garage extension will need to blend in with the existing exterior or your home, so that it doesn’t look odd or simply tacked on. So, you’ll need to source the right materials to create a seamless addition and that can add to the cost. You’ll also need to make sure it’s wide enough to be useful. It’s surprising how many garages are only just wide enough to fit a car in, never mind allowing plenty of room to get in and out of the car!

Turning an attic into a master bedroom

Finally, there’s the option of turning an unused attic into a master bedroom suite. In a house where bedrooms are perhaps underwhelming and bathrooms are crowded, this can be a great option. It can also give you plenty of scope to create a real wow factor in your home.
Again, there are a lot of cost implications. The cost of labor, materials and possible structural changes can add up. However, a spacious bedroom with a luxurious en-suite bathroom is one that will benefit many households and will definitely add value.

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