Friday, May 8, 2020

A huge selection of Michele watches on sale

You might or might not know, I am a huge fan of Michele watches. Even though I own a beautiful Rolex, my Michele Deco is what I wear most days. A huge selection of Michele watches is on sale right now. Take advantage if you've been eyeing one of those beautiful watches. They are extremely well make, elegant and most importantly, they are understated. Most people don't know what they are (at least from where I live). I have this watch for years now and never had any issue with it (just a standard battery replacement). If you don't see the style(s) you like, Bloomingdale's is also offering the same promotion. This particular watch is almost 50% off and it's beautiful!

Top row: 
Left: Available in silver and 2-tone
Middle: Available in silver, gold and 2-tone
Right: Available in silver, gold and 2-tone. This is the diamond version of my watch.
Bottom row:
Left: Under $400
Middle: Available in 7 colors and under $300
Right: Available in 3 colors and under $400

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Bonnyin CA said...

Wow, these watches are really beautiful! I really want to have it right away.