Thursday, July 30, 2020

Review :: Gucci GG Marmont Sandals

I am slowly but surely growing my designer shoe collection. Unlike designer handbags, I am always  hesitant to spend money on designer shoes. I make sure they fit my lifestyle before pulling the trigger. I purchased these adorable Gucci sandals last month and I am very pleased with my purchase. Sharing a quick review today if you're interested in these sandals as well.

Sizing: They run a tad small. I am a true size 7 and went up half a size to 37.5 and they were a perfect fit with room to spare. Looking at the footbed, I believe these sandals can accommodate wider feet as well. I decided to get these in navy but they are available in 9 different colors! There come in some beautiful pastel colors.

Quality: The quality is superb. The iconic Gucci logo is very distinct if you're into the logomania trend. The upper and sole are made of 100% leather. With the right care, leather shoes can last much longer. They are mold to your feet for a better fit and more comfort. Leather shoes on the other hand, tend to be heavier than synthetic materials. 

Comfort: Even though there is no cushioning underfoot, they are pretty comfortable right out of the box. I wore them out for 4 hours straight with no problems whatsoever. They didn't require any breaking in and didn't give me any blisters. These sandals are versatile and go with pretty much anything! 

Overall, a great wardrobe Summer staple to wear again and again. The design is classic yet sleek and sophisticated. Are they worth the price tag? Luxury goods aren't worth the high price tags in my opinion. It's a want, not a need. However, if you have the ability to spend within your means, then why not? These sandals are available at Bloomingdales, Saks, Gucci, Nordstrom and Farfetch.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Beautiful color! I own a pair of the Gucci white sneakers and they are so comfortable. No break- in necessary. -D

Anonymous said...

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