Monday, September 28, 2020

Birthday trip to the Smokies :: Where we stayed

Happy Monday, everyone! I finally got around to share the trip we took last month. We spent a week in the Great Smoky mountains with friends and family and it was exactly what we needed. As mentioned in this post, we rented a 5-bedroom cabin to stay with 4 other families for the week. I am so glad that I got a chance to catch up with friends that I haven't seen for year. It was the first time visiting TN for everyone so the trip was even more special. Today, I am sharing where we stayed just in case you're interested. If it's up to me, I would delay our trip until October but with school and work commitments, it wasn't possible. Regardless, the Smokies are still beautiful. It was peaceful and quiet in picturesque surroundings. It was gorgeous back in August and I am sure it's even more beautiful in the Fall. We rented this cabin and it exceeded our expectations. Magnificent views from the balcony. The cabin itself is super spacious. It has more than enough room for 10 of us. It has a fantastic game room, washer & dryer, an outdoor hot tub, a spacious kitchen and more. I couldn't show you all bedrooms due to privacy but you can view the entire cabin here. I also couldn't get some of the shots I wanted because I forgot my zoom lens at home =( Pigeon Forge (the closet town) was 15 minutes away. We went grocery shopping and stocked up the fridge. We had homemade meals every night. It was so wonderful just to sit down, relax and enjoy the beautiful views from our very own balcony. The cabin is placed quite high up in the mountain so a 4WD vehicle is highly recommended. I am very pleased with the location. It's away from crowds yet close to everything. I am definitely open to the idea of going back to watch the Fall foliage one day. I'll share what we did in the next post.
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