Tuesday, June 15, 2021

May Recap

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As always, I am fashionably late with my monthly recap post but better late than never, right? For the most part, May was uneventful. I feel like all we did was working, going home, spending time with the kids and back to working. Work has been extremely busy for both of us. I was looking to hire additional resources to help me with some upcoming big projects. I've spent the last 4 weeks interviewing candidates. I finally made an offer to someone yesterday. It'd take a few weeks for the new hire to relocate from Chicago to Columbus, OH but I am excited to grow my team and get started on new projects.
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Highlights of the month:
  • The school year has officially ended. It's been an incredibly challenging year for everyone but I am so thankful that the kids handled it well (as much as they could). We all had our moments but at the end of the day, our family’s love will get us through anything. Despite all the challenges, Courtney has earned a 4.148 weighted GPA. I couldn’t be prouder!
  • Speaking of Courtney, it's still hard to believe Courtney is 16 now. Nothing makes me happier than seeing this girl growing into a wonderful young lady
  • Got together with our big group of friends for the first time in nearly a year for Mother’s Day. It was so much fun to catch up with fun and kind-hearted people
  • First harvest from my garden! Watering my garden beds has become one of my favorite things to do at the end of the day. It’s so much fun growing my own vegetables. The lettuces taste amazing! Can't wait for more fresh veggies and fruits this summer from my very own garden beds
  • Madelyn started taking horse riding lessons. This girl is completely and utterly obsessed with horses. She's saving her allowance to buy her own horse =) Not sure if that's ever going to happen but for now, she's so happy learning how to ride a horse
  • Courtney will be spending a part of her summer building her community service experiences as it's so important for college admissions. Last month, she volunteered to help refugee children as they adjust to the life in the U.S. So proud of this kid for making a positive impact while getting life experience
Monthly purchases and favorites: I bought quite a few pieces last month and I love them all. 
Looking forward to a busy summer:
  • Life is almost back to normal. Everyone in our family (including Courtney) has been fully vaccinated. It's nice to be out and about doing what we love. The kids are having a busy summer and I couldn't be more pleased. I want to keep them busy. It's not only good for your their physical health but also their mental health. Courtney is heading to California next week for a weeklong vacation with her older cousins. This is the first time she will be traveling without me. Am I nervous? Yes, absolutely but I trust her making smart choices. I am strict but I am not overprotective. They’re allowed to make mistakes as long as a mistake does not have a risk to their well-being. As they get older, I am hoping that their decision-making skills will improve and they will become more independent. She is also busy with her summer job, summer classes and 2 AP exams. She is also taking the ACT for the first time next month plus more volunteer opportunities. As for Madelyn, she's taking private horse riding lessons twice a week, gymnastics practices between 12-15 hours a week and attending summer camps twice a week.
  • I am still working from home through the end of the summer and I am so thankful for that. Even though I miss the social interactions, I have a lot more time to get the girls around to all their activities
  • Summer travel: I can't decide whether I want to take a summer vacation this year or not. I want to save money for our big trip to Japan next year (hopefully!) but at the same time, I don't know if I can stay home for the next 3 months =) Travel makes me so happy. I am thinking of either taking a trip out West or heading to St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands) for a beach vacation. Not sure what to do yet. 
Monthly miles: I only ran 22 miles that month which was terrible but there is only so many hours in the day to get things done =(
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As I write this post every month, I can't help but feel incredibly grateful for everything I have. My posts may be a little sporadic going forward as between work, kids, Finn and social life, I have very little to no time left for this space. Thank you for letting me share and I hope you have a good rest of the month.

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