Thursday, September 30, 2021

Monthy Recap (August & September)

It's been a crazy few weeks to say the least. September has always been the busiest month for our family with the madness of back to school, Madelyn's birthday, my birthday and our anniversary. I finally caught a break and wanted to do a little life update today.
HondaCivic2022_SydneysFashionDiary (1)
We got Courtney a car!!! It's still hard to believe that my first born is now driving. I am bursting with pride and joy, but it’s all also a little bittersweet. I am so proud of this kid. School is going so well for her. She has a part-time job and making a small amount of spending money for herself. She is heavily involved in a lot of active sports and overall, just a happy and well-rounded teenager. College planning is going great as well. Sometimes, I can't help but smile when I look at her. I must have done something right. With the chip shortage, it was quite a challenge to find her a car but we did it. We got her the exact car that she wanted which is a 2022 Honda Civic LX black on black. The kid couldn't be happier. She even got her nails to match her car =)
Last weekend, Madelyn had a slumber party with a few friends to celebrate her 9th birthday. How is she 9 already? Hubby and I entertained 5 girls all weekend long and let me tell you, we were exhausted! They have so much energy (or we're getting old). Madelyn had so much fun celebrating her birthday and that's all that matters.
Madelynis9_SydneysFashionDiary Madelynis9_SydneysFashionDiary (1)
I mentioned in the beginning of this year that I was planning on getting a touch up on my eyes. It's been 12 years since I had Lasik. I went through a few evaluations and the dr finally gave it a go. I got a PRK touch up on my left eye last Thursday. I had a follow-up appointment yesterday and it's healing nicely. My current vision is 20/50 (which is better than expected). The vision will continue to change for the next 6 months. I am undecided whether I am going to have a touch up on my right eye or not. Right now, I am using my left eye for distance and my right eye for reading. If they have no problem adjusting then I won't mess with my right eye.

Our anniversary was last weekend as well lol I am telling you, September is a crazy month for us. Since I am still recovering from the PRK procedure and Madelyn was having friends over, we kept it pretty low-key. Went out for dinner with a few friends and call it a night =) Hubby did get me something for our anniversary =) Will share soon!

Monthly purchases: Other than the big haul for my birthday, I didn't make any additional purchases (which is great). I am planning to add a few basics to my Fall wardrobe.

Looking forward to:
  • I am looking forward to the cooler weather. We are going on a camping trip with 5 other families next weekend and I am so excited. I have never camped before so this should be fun
  • We also planned a weekend trip to see Fall foliage in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to beautiful Fall scenery, hiking trails and connecting with nature
  • Running is basically non-existent these days. I try to walk at least 2-3 miles a day with Finn but really wanted to get back to running. Happy October everyone! I hope you all enjoy spooky month!


Thai Khue said...

Hi Sydney, I just moved to Columbus from Virginia and ran across your blog and I really enjoyed reading through. I'm Vietnamese so been looking through social media for Vietnamese food / restaurant ideas. And I think I saw your at Bridgepark last week or so in the afternoon but wasn't sure it was you. Anyway, I hope to connect at some future time. Thai-Khue

SydneysFashionDiary Blog said...

Hi Thai-Khue! Welcome to Columbus. You probably saw me :) My family and I were there checking out some new restaurants. Love the new area. I’d love to connect with you. Please send me a note to or DM me on IG @SydneysDiary and we can chat more :)

Luc said...

Beautiful pictures set ! I loved