Monday, May 1, 2023

She is committed :: Happy National College Decision Day

Today is National College Decision Day and I couldn't be happier to share that my first born is committed to The Ohio State University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences - Honors Program. After 1.5 years of working on college applications, writing 22 essays, applying for scholarships, the journey has come to an end. I think it's important to understand how much colleges cost nowadays. Acceptance rates are getting super competitive and downright crazy! OSU received 78000 applications this year. I wanted to share some numbers just in case you have a junior/senior who is getting ready to start the college application process. Courtney applied to 10 colleges (8 accepted, 2 waitlisted).

• First choice: Boston University (Waitlisted). Sticker price: $80/year
• Second choice: University of Pittsburgh (Accepted). Sticker price: $48K/year. No scholarships offered
• Third choice: The Ohio State University (Accepted). Sticker price: $26K/year. Scholarships: $2K since we're in state
• Fourth choice: Stony Brook University (Accepted). Sticker price: $47K/year. Scholarships: $11K
• Case Western Reserve University (Waitlisted). Sticker price: $83K/year (That's insane!). If she gets accepted, she'll receive $25K in scholarships
• University of Cincinnati (Accepted). Sticker price: $26K/year. No scholarships offered.
• University of Toledo (Accepted). Sticker price: $30K/year. Scholarships: $6K
• Temple University (Accepted). Sticker price: $45K/year. Scholarships: $20K
• Penn State University - Main Campus (Accepted). Sticker price: $52K/year. No scholarships offered.
• University at Chicago Illinois (Accepted). Sticker price: $40K/year. Scholarships: $8K

Even though University of Pittsburgh was our top choice, it just doesn't make sense to pay $48K vs. $24K per year at The Ohio State University. No undergrad degree is worth $200K. The goal is to graduate undergrade school debt free and put her college savings towards a med school. We are not planning to take on loans for her undergrad degree. Because we're in Ohio, we tend to underrate OSU but it truly is a great school. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and the James Cancer Hospital are nearby. The James Cancer Hospital is the 3rd largest cancer hospital in the nation. There are plenty of resources all across campus to get great experiences in shadowing, research, volunteering for pre-med students. We are thrilled with the decision.We survived this crazy process. Courtney is super excited for the next chapter of her life. As much as I want her to spread her wings, I am thankful to have her close by for another 4 years.

{Toured Case Western Reserve University} {Toured University of Pittsburgh} {Toured The Pennsylvania State University}


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and thanks for taking out time to document the process. This is really helpful and I and going to share this link to youngsters are going to be planning on joining colleges soon.

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Both of you are incredible!

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Anonymous - I wish them the best of luck. Even though it's a stressful and crazy process, it'll be worth it at the end.

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Unknown - Thank you so much. This kid makes me so proud!