Saturday, July 8, 2023

The Eras Tour Experience

If you're into Taylor Swift then you know scoring general sale tickets for The Eras Tour is next to impossible. I spent weeks learning the Ticket Master system, asking people for their verified accounts, refreshing the site during drop times and searching non-stop for face value tickets. It was exhausting and unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. 4 hours before the concert, I gave up and spent a gross amount for 2 obstructed view ticket for Madelyn and I. On a positive side, Madelyn had the time of her life. She was singing, dancing and enjoying her 1st real concert. The concert was epic. We were inside the stadium with other 60000 fans plus thousands of ticketless Swifties singing outside the stadium. Her voice is incredible. Each song was an amazing production 💜 Taylor Swift's epic “Eras Tour” is on track to become the biggest in concert history. I don't even want to disclose how much I spent. It kinda makes me nauseous but I am so glad that I got to experience it with Madelyn. I am also very grateful for my husband. He got off work early, drove 2 hours to Cincinnati, waited 6 hours in the car then drove 2 hours back to Columbus. We didn't get home until 2:30 the next morning. I hope she'll remember this experience forever 🤣 Outfit details: Dress *only $16 | Boots


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Panty Buns said...

I love the very fashionable and feminine outfits you and your daughter were wearing for your Taylor Swift ERAS Tour experience, and I enjoyed watching this video! Thank you for uploading it, and for sharing your experiences in this post!