Friday, March 11, 2016

Chanel Boy Bag :: Old Medium vs. New Medium (Jumbo)


For this week's handbag chit chat, I wanted to do a quick side-by-side comparison to show you the differences between the Chanel Boy in the old medium vs the new medium size. I did talk a bit about these 2 sizes in this post but did not go into details. I recently found this gorgeous bag in gray caviar leather for someone I know. I took this opportunity to snap a few photos before sending it to the lucky lady. I believe the new medium size is now called the jumbo.


Measurements: Medium (6” x 10” x 3.5”) vs. Jumbo (7” x 11” x 3.5”)
Current price: Medium ($4700) vs Jumbo ($5200)

It took me the longest time to decide on the size and I ultimately went with the jumbo size. After years of buying and selling handbags, trust me when I tell you bigger isn't always better when it comes to handbags. What important is how it fits and looks proportionate to your frame. If you ask me which size is best for petite ladies, without a doubt, it's the medium. Even though I purchased the jumbo, I honestly think the medium would be the better choice. I purchased this particular bag because I love the color/hardware combination so much. It wasn't available in the medium to purchase at the time. Going down a size is something I might consider doing in the future. However, I love this bag so much that I don't see myself selling it anytime soon.


The medium size will for sure hold all your essentials and is significantly lighter than the jumbo. The jumbo of course can hold the same amount of stuff  and still have room to spare. The jumbo also has a zippered pocket and open pocket in the interior if that's important to you. Please note the drop length is exactly the same at 20" for both sizes. I personally think the medium size is best when worn cross body whereas the jumbo serves well as a shoulder bag.



Dash of Fash and Finance said...

Both bags are beautiful! Thanks for always sharing great bag info! Have a wonderful weekend ahead and blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comparison review! You should definitely find another one of the medium bags in that gorgeous pale blue color for yourself too :)

Super P force Online said...

I love this review. You clearly explain in details. Thanks for your post.