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CLOSED - Giveaway: Allison Izu Petite Denim from Fall Collection

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If you have followed my blog, you know it’s time for another giveaway! Thanks everyone for your inputs on my reviews. Obviously, Panio bootcut was my favorite between the two. Allison Izu generously agreed to award one lucky reader an item from her collection. A BIG THANK to Allison for sponsoring this giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a pair of her choice of style as well as size (sizes are available from 000/27 to 10/31) from Allison Izu Fall Collection below. If you are going to order these fabulous denim, don't forget to use code PetiteLG for additional 20% off your entire purchase.

From left to right and top to bottom:

1. Panio Low Rider Bootcut (Retail for $165.00. Currently on sale for $69.00)
    Click here to see my review on this style

2. UK Zipped Super Skinny (Retail for $179.00. Currently on sale for $69.00)

3. Hotel St Skinny Denim (Retail for $168.00. Currently on sale for $69.00)

4. Chinatown Black Trouser Jeans (Retail for $168.00. Currently on sale for $69.00)

5.  Nolu skirt (Retail for $132.00. Currently on sale for $49.00)
**I am very interested in seeing this skirt on a petite**

6. UK Zipped Capri (Retail for $146.00. Currently on sale for $49.00)

Recap on Allison Izu petite denim: What a great Fall Collection! These denim are truly designed with petite figures in mind. Sizes start at 000/27 inseam. These jeans are made in California from premium Italian denim. Because of that, these jeans are super comfortable to wear yet stylish. They can be worn casual with a T-shirt or dress up with nice tops and high heels. Overall, these denim are very flattering and they sure are a great addition to your Fall wardrobe. If you’re petite and having hard times finding a pair of denim that fits, here is your chance to try something new

How to enter:
(+1 entry) – You MUST be a public follower to enter this giveaway. To do so, click on "Follow" button. You don't have to have blogger account to follow – Mandatory
(+1 entry) – Visit http://www.AllisonIzu.com/store and leave me a comment below to let me know what style you would like to try - Optional
(+1 entry) - Tweet the following and leave me your Twitter ID in the comments below.
"Enter the @PetiteLG and @AllisonIzu giveaway to win a pair of designer petite denim! Visit http://www.petitelittlegirl.com/ " – Optional
(+2 entries) – Post the button below on your blog and leave me a link – Optional

Giveaway Rules:
1. This giveaway opens to ALL readers
2. Entries will be accepted no later than midnight (EST) Friday August 20
3. Winner will be announced on Monday August 23rd. I will be checking all entries to ensure its fairness.

Good luck everyone!



Hi! I'd like to enter please :)
I like the UK Zipped Super Skinny style.



Hey! I'm @shortystories! I'd love to try the Panio bootcut, but the store only has a size 10 left. However, I'd also try the Panio lowrider bootcut.

I have also posted this contest on my blog


I would totally love to try the Chinatown Black Trouser Jeans. I like how they're more straight-leg, which is best when you have short legs but lots of fat in the thighs!

Tweeted @deelirium and posted to my tumblr blog:

Really Petite

YAY! I love petite designers!!! Please enter me!!!

I have been a follower!!! I want to try the KOLOHE!!!

I tweeted about it!!!! :) Twitter ID- www.twitter.com/reallypetite


ooh i'd love to try petite jeans - mine always tatter on the floor because of my short legs xD please enter me! thank you for hosting this giveaway :D

I like the KOLOHE: Skinny Jean

I tweeted: username pandaphilia

picture and link posted on sidebar (pandaphilia.blogspot.com)


EEEEE I'm so excited that I can participate in this giveaway!

I'm a follower (1 entry)

I would LOVE to try the Panio Bootcut jeans since they looked so good on you (but I would also love to try the Chinatown Black Trouser jeans as this is normally my favorite cut)(+1 entry)

I posted about your giveaway on my blog: http://curls-and-pearls.blogspot.com but I didn't know how to use the "button" :P (+2 entries)

Cat at UW

I'm now a public follower of your blog.

I'd like to try the Kolohe skinny jean.

I tweeted about your contest (user ID: cat_at_uw)


Oh wow! Everything looks lovely, I'd like to try any of the skirts for sure! SO CUTE!

I'm following you. My twitter is @jcrineer

Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!!


i'm a follower and i want to try the hotel st skinny. i also tweeted (kim33dee) and posted your button on my blog (kimeedee.blogspot.com). thanks!!


Hi Sydney, I'm already a follower. I'd like to try the Panio Low Rider bootcut, and the Hotel St Skinny. Thanks for posting this giveaway!


please enter me
my fave is 1. Panio Low Rider Bootcut



I'm so excited about this giveaway!

I'm a follower and want to try the chinatown: honolulu hou. I've tweeted - my ID is @savetheolives.


Sydney at PetiteGorgeous

Please enter me!

I always want to try their skinny jeans: KOLOHE: Skinny Jean.

Blogged the button on my side bar.

4 entries.


1- I'd like to enter please ! New subscriber !

2- I like the Luana Lulu wide leg. I can picture it with a fluffy white top !

Now I go to read your posts and dicover your nice blog ;-)

Caro xxx


Sign me up! I need to try the 000! Probably the Panio Low Rider Bootcut. I also tweeted... so 3 entries. Thanks! :)


Great giveaway and so generous!
-I follow you
-I'd love to try the piano bootcut as well. They look great on you!
-I tweeted: yanksgrl24 (http://twitter.com/yanksgrl24/status/20309549512)

Faith J.

Wow, jeans for petites! Awesome.

I just became a follower through Google Friend Connect as Tim-Faith

Visited their site, like to try the KOLOHE WELT: Skinny Jean.


Thank you for hosting another great givaway. Hope I will be a lucky girl!!

1) I am a follower.
2) I want to try the Patio low ride bootcut.


I'm following. :)

I'd like to try Panio Lowrider bootcut.


Both the Kolohe skinny jean and the UK Zipped Capri look good!

Twittered :) @lcgirly


Been following, but I dunno why I didn't click "Follow publicly" before. Just did it now.

I'm loving the PANIO LOW RIDER: Bootcut


1. I am a follower of your blog
2. I like the PANIO LOW RIDER: Bootcut. Although the 27" inseam is too short for me and the 31" is too long... I'd give them a try though and hem if needed.



1. follower of your blog
2. i like the style of KOLOHE: Skinny Jean

twit about it (rhaindropz)



Hi! :)
Thanks so much for dropping by and letting me know about your giveaway :)
-I'm a new follower! :)
-I would like to try: CHINATOWN: Honolulu Hou
-I've posted the picture and a link on my blog (sidebar):

Pop Champagne

I'm a follower!! I don't have twitter though -_- those jeans look great, I love the darker wash colors too, cuz you can wear it to work and it seems more formal hehe


I'd like to try the Chinatown Trouser Jeans.


the skirt!
so darn cute. and it looks like it could be dressed up wiht a blazer or dressed down with a tee and a cardigan!


Thanks everyone who is entering my giveaway so far


-I'm a follower on your blog post.
-I would like to try out the Luana: Wide Leg out since finding a pair of wide legged jeans are virtually impossible for me.
-I tweeted your giveaway! www.twitter.com/banhannas


Your blog is great and I just became a follower. Thanks for the giveaway!pertinentperson@gmail.com


Second entry: I like Alliosn Izu jean accessories, very cute! My fave pair of jeans are the HOTEL ST.: Kolohe TS.

Shelli @ Style Ingenuity

Hi There!

Thank you for stopping by and following my blog.

Stopping by as well and loving your blog! Returning the favor and following through Google Connect!

- Shelli :)


Please enter me!

-I'm a follower.
-I would love to try the Hotel St Skinnies that you reviewed earlier!


Thanks for the giveaway!
1. I'm a new follower
2. I'd like to try the Kolohe Skinny jeans. Being petite, I still haven't found the perfect skinny jeans with the right rise and corresponding length yet, so the search continues...

(tmway2000 at yahoo.com)

its simple love

Hello love! Thanks for letting my know about your giveaway! This is fantastic! I am following you now.


its simple love

And I love the KOLOHE WELT: Skinny Jean. SOooooo gorgeous! I would love to win a pair of those :)


its simple love

p.s. I added your link to the list of giveaway on my post!



i'd love to try these! i'm a follower and would love to try the bootcut style you reviewed. thanks for hosting this! anthromara@yahoo.com


What a great giveaway :) I would like to participate in it.
Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect. +1

I would lke to try CHINATOWN: Honolulu Hou. Looks so hot ! :) +1

I already blog your giveaway here http://pintaliztiirene.blogspot.com/2010/07/august-giveaway.html +2

Contact me dear :)

thankies for helding this sweet giveaway and have a perfect day :)


I'm a follower!

katch05 at gmail dot com


I'm a new follower!


Toss up between these and the pencil skirt


http://twitter.com/gangsterpixie2 tweeted it.


posted on my blog.



I'm a new follower! Loving the UK super skinny jean. :) Finally a jean I wouldn't have to hem.
xo- karrie

www.hellopretty.net (I'm having a blog giveaway too. Sephora gift card- check it out.)


I am a new follower. Love the Panio Low rider bootcut and the Chinatown Black Trouser jeans!Thanks PLG for doing the giveaway!!


Like Laith, I'm also a new follower (well, in the official sense anyway)and would love to try the Chinatown trouser jeans and Panio Low rider bootcut. They both look great! Thanks!


I'm a new follower and would love to try the UK Zipped Super Skinny :)


I'm a follower and would like to try Hotel St Skinny Denim


I followed and I would LOVE to try the Chinatown Black Trouser Jeans. Those are terrific.

The Little Dust Princess

Great giveaway! : ) Are we supposed to comment for each entry? I'm not sure, but I'll do that in case!

Entry 1 - I'm a follower!

The Little Dust Princess

Entry 2 - I'd try the PANIO LOW RIDER: Bootcut!

The Little Dust Princess

Entry 3 - Twitter name: jessy757 and I tweeted it here: click


Hi Sydney! I am new here! I am so happy that there are several useful blogs about workwear for petites! Thanks for all your time on here!

I just became a public follower (+1)

I would love to try out the Chinatown trousers. Perfect for casual Friday! (+1)

Ms. Shopportunity

Hi Sydney! I'd like to enter your giveaway with 5 entries.

-I am a public follower of your blog.
-I'd like to try the Peni: Pencil Skirt from the Allison Izu website.
-I tweeted about the giveaway at: shortcuts4u
-I posted your button to my blog: shortcuts101[dot]blogspot[dot]com

I hope I win! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

The Pretty Pauper

I am a follower on your blog!

(The Pretty Pauper)
Feel free to check out my blog:)

The Pretty Pauper

I'd love to try the Kolohe skinny! So cute!

(The Pretty Pauper)
Feel free to check out my blog:)

The Pretty Pauper

I just tweeted!


(The Pretty Pauper)
Feel free to check out my blog:)

The Pretty Pauper

I just put up your link/badge to your giveaway on my sidebar :)

(The Pretty Pauper)
Feel free to check out my blog:)


I just tweeted about this giveaway as Sammystic .


Love the UK Zipped Super Skinny


Posted button on blog: http://fashionrunsaway.blogspot.com

aradhana x3

Enter me PLEASE [:

I would love to try the Panio Low Rider; it's so difficult to find boot cut petite jeans that have a flare that sits perfectly on them!

Here's the link to my blog: http://www.aradhanax3.blogspot.com/

I'm posting the button/link in like a minute. It'll be in a blog post because I haven't quite figured out how to work the side things yet!


I am following your blog.

I would love to try the KOLOHE WELT: Skinny Jean.

I posted the button on my blog.


Aloha! The capris are very cute, would love pair that actually are the right length for us shorties! I tweet as @HiMaya :)

Pick me!!


Hi, I am a follower. Please enter me in your giveaway. I would like to try the Hotel St. Skinny Denim Jeans. My contact info is Davina916@aol.com Thanks!


hi! i am your newest follower, and i would love to enter this giveaway! :D

p.s. i hope you can come check out my blog too. thanks! :)


<3, Mimi


i really want to try the wide leg type of jeans. i'm a petite girl, and i don't know if wide leg would look good on me, but i think it's worth a try. :)

<3, Mimi



I also blogged about this giveaway.


Thanks again for reviewing this.


I'm a follower! 1st style for me.

I visited the store and like their PENI: Pencil Skirt. I love the dark color of their denim, and I absolutely love pencil skirts.

And I tweeted: http://twitter.com/toothpickmusic/status/21195804186


I followed you through google. I'd like to win the UK ZIPPED: Super Skinny. Great giveaway!

Join our giveaway to win a fabulous dress. :)


I'm now a public follower of your blog through my twitter-accountID:Sammystic (I also posted 2days ago ^^; about the tweet...)



I would really love to try the KOLOHE WELT: Skinny Jean because of the nice cut and you could easily combine them, they seem comfortable too!

Audrey (TwitterID:Sammystic)


I like the Panio-Low Rider. I just went to Hawaii earlier this year and completely forgot to go to Ala Moana to try out the brand. Grr @ me.

p.s. I follow via twitter, me = "doxyloo" and I tweeted!

Lisa - respect the shoes

Hi there - Thanks for the lovely giveaway. I'm a follower!

I think the Chinatown trouser jeans are gorgeous!

And I blogged about your giveaway here: http://respecttheshoes.blogspot.com/2010/08/other-peoples-blogs.html


I'd love to enter! The Chinatown Black Trousers are very cute :)

Donna ♥ Baby

panio low rider: bootcut :)
following! donnadell.blogspot.com :)
and i left a link on my sidebar!

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