Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My birthday and why l love my family

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I turned one year older yesterday. At this age, birthday is not a big deal to me anymore. Well, it never was. I wasn’t going to do anything big. Maybe go out to a fancy dinner with my family but my sweet husband had plans. Few days before my birthday, he took little one out shopping for Mommy’s gift. The thought of someone who cares and plans my birthday few days ahead just makes me smile (especially his typical work day is 10-12 hours for the past few months).

He gathered everyone together and celebrated my BD past weekend. I had no idea what my gift would be. Little one was being loyal to him and wouldn’t spill the beans. Believe me I try...haha! To my surprise, he got me a pair of princess-cut diamond stud earrings. They are so precious! Why there are 2 boxes, you may ask? Because my sweet husband couldn’t decide which pair I like better. Therefore he brought home both so I can shop at home. He also picked up a couple of Fall shades nail polish for me, isn’t that sweet of him?

The thing makes me happy wasn’t the expensive gift I’ve got (yeah, that too =) but the thoughts that count. I can definitely purchase those earrings myself, that’s not a problem. The fact that he took his time and effort to look for my birthday gift means the world to me. There is such a huge difference between the two. Sometimes, he came home with a latest shade of OPI nail polish and it just made me the happiest girl on earth even though it only costs $8.00. The thought of him trying to figure out the nail polish that he thought I would like worth more than anything. I hope he knows I appreciate all little things he does for me.

I absolutely love the earrings. Hubby told me he got those earrings for me to match with my engagement ring so I feel complete.
My engagement ring and wedding band designed and made by Natalie K.

I told him I am going to take this gift as our anniversary gift too (also coming up this month). My age is getting bigger but my gift doesn’t have to be this big every year



Sydney at PetiteGorgeous

This is such a sweet post! Happy belated. The earrings are stunningly beautiful. Life is indeed wonderful :).


This is very very sweet of him to do this! So thoughtful! Those earrings are beautiful. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday! Aww - what a sweet hubby!


Awww, this is so cute! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. Diamonds ahhhh can't go wrong there especially when he brought home two pairs ... swoon!


Sigh...such a sweet post and sweet hubby! You're completely's always the thought that counts as trite as that sounds. But it doesn't hurt to have nice diamonds too, eh? It blows my mind that he's thoughtful enough to pick up some nail polish for you. Erm, I cannot even fathom the thought of my bf picking up some makeup for me.


Tearing up here... You are one lucky girl.


Happy Birthday!!! What a great post, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day :) What a great and thoughtful husband and such a beautiful family :)


Forgot to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


My fiance always comes home with nail polish, lip gloss, makeup palletes and all. What a sweet hubby of yours. I hope you had an amazing birthday!


awww reading this post makes me so happy inside. happy belated birthday! you have a wonderful family

Lisa - respect the shoes

Happy Birthday - sounds like you have a loving thoughtful family, the best gift ever!


awww that is really really awesome of him! i'm so happy for you that you're husband is so sweet and thoughtful! you deserve it girl. enjoy your bday and gift!

The Girlie Blog

So very sweet! What a beautiful family!


Happy Wife, Happy Life!


That is the sweetest thing!....And he was thoughtful enough to get you some fall nail polish, very impressive! Happy late B'day!!

My Republic of Fashion

happy belated bithday!:) That cake looks delicious and your earrings are just fabulous!! :)sarahD


Your husband and daughter are so sweet. The earrings are just lovely.

Happy belated birthday (still can't believe you are a mom!!!)


Happy Birthday PLG! You have a wonderful fam. :)

Pop Champagne

hehe sounds like my birthday. birthdays pretty much go downhill after you turn 21... happy belated birthday though! I love that pic of your family!


aww how sweet. The nail polish thing is adorable. It's those little things that get me. Have a Happy Birthday!


Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. Now the hard part is to decide which pair to keep :)

The Little Dust Princess

Happy birthday! This is such a sweet post. Your family are very sweet and your daughter is adorable. : ) Those rings are really pretty and I'd have a hard time choosing which pair of earrings to keep as well. haha


Happy belated birthday! You have a wonderful family and your hubby sounds adorable. The earrings are gorgeous and you can't go wrong with either! :)

its simple love

Your family seems lovely. Happy birthday to you. I love the earings, you recieved. You are such a classy woman!



OMg i love your engagement ring , i want one exaclty the same when i get engaged haha i just showed my bf your ring and said thats wa i want ! that is the best ring ive ever seen in my life lol hehe x
Happy bday also !

Really Petite

Awe............ precious! Happy Birthday!!! You don't look a day over 21 :)

Your hubby sounds super sweet- what a great guy!!!!

I am Khatu

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday! I couldn't stop smiling when I was reading your post. Your husband and daughter are too sweet. I love how you're so at peace with where you are in life. I hope I reach that same level soon :)


Thanks ladies for your sweet comments

@Sophie-Lou-J: I am glad you found the ring you like :) The process took about 3 months from placing the order/having the ring made/custom sizing to fit my tiny finger. We went through so many little things just to get this ring. Just like you, once I saw this ring, I know I have to have it. I think there are a handful of jewelry retails who partner with Natalie K in the whole nation. If you really wants it, tell your bf to get on it :)

@Cee: Life is stressful for me sometimes but I learn how to live through it. I don't let little things bother me so much. I only care for those I love which is my family. In return, the love/support that my family has for me is what carries me through everything.

Mix and Match

Happy birthday! Nail polish! Your husband are so sweet. I love the picutre of you and your daughter. She is such an angel. We are in the same month. But I'll be on a biz trip. oh well.

Sakie and Thomas Gantz

That was so sweet of him, especially getting you both pairs of earrings since he was not sure which pair you would like better. And the photo of you and your daughter is so cute. :-)


Belated happy birthday! You have a wonderful little family--and as you said, a very sweet hubby. And I really admire your outlook--if I don't give my wife a birthday week she feels cheated. LOL! But she's my sweetie--so I tease her a lot about it. =)

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