Friday, September 10, 2010

Fabulous styles at affordable prices

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I am a big fan of “The look for less” kind of thing. For me, I do not wear my clothes enough to make them worth the money. I usually save my cash for splurging on purses and coats but for the most part, I only buy clothes if they’re on sale. While browsing online the other day, I was surprised to see many similar styles of AT/LOFT available at The prices are much more affordable. I am sure the quality are not as well-made as higher-price retailers but these are good options for someone who is on the budget and still want to look fabulous. Click on links to shop and use code SHIPFREE for free shipping on purchases over $40.00 (free shipping ends 09.12)

What do you guys think?




I like your picks and it's nice to see them side by side. I have a few items saved in my shopping cart from F21 I'll check some of these out too :)


I agree that many styles can be found for less at F21...however their sizing is so inconsistent (esp Love21) and the ultimate deterrent for me is their return policy. I think you can get your money back if you ship the items back, but I don't like doing that...usually fear that they get lost or something, plus you have to pay for ship.

Are you ordering any of the above to try?


I didn't order anything this time because of those reasons you have mentioned. I only purchase F21/Love21 stuff at stores where I can try them on and make sure they fit right. I know, right? Their return policy sucks!

The Little Dust Princess

@PAG - I thought Love21 makes bigger sizes. Their XS is like a size M in their normal F21 line.


Hey PLG! I like "look for less" too! And F21 is notorious for copying designs.. I have seen them copy big names like Alice+Olivia, Free Ppl, DVF and now AT it seems!

I actually just took advantage of the shipping for $40 and placed an order, can't wait to get it :D Although sizes are big, I always tuck in and wear a cardi so no one knows hehe. I don't have patience/time/money to seek out perfectly fitting clothes!


I actually love forever21!! haha they have such cute trendy stuff. I don't feel bad for wearing their stuff once or twice and tossing because it's so cheap. I do try to avoid their love21 line...since it's a more sophisticated fit (meaning that it runs bigger)...heehe!


Random fact: the F21 @ Fashion Show in Las Vegas actually on-site alterations room. Just in case anybody falls in love with a Love21 dress and needs it taken in (eh


Thanks ladies! I didn't know Love21 sizing runs bigger than F21. It's really good to know :)

@Aubrey: That is a very interesting fact! Did they really alter your clothes? Were you happy with it?


I am all for "look for less" as well. Those items look nice, I wish sizing is smaller.

I can't bring myself to love the quality and price of Ann Taylor Loft to the point that I am willing to pay full price. Most of their clothes I see in person are made of paper thin and sheer fabrics. I expect more quality at that price.


I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your blog :) I'm pretty new at bloging and I don't really know how did I came accross your blog, but it's definitly one of my favorites. I appreciate "look for less" too, mostly because here where I live, we don't have too much money to spend on clothes anyway.

Cheers for you, I wish you to continue with your blogging as good as you did so far :)


I used to watch the show "the look for less" :P i also rarely ever buy things at full-price (unless it's F21 or other places where they never go one sale or offer coupons). But yeah, F21's return policy sucks so that deters me from shopping online, and shopping in store is so crazy and definitely hit or miss. So part of the higher prices of places like LOFT and Ann Taylor includes a nicer shopping experience and customer service I guess.


These are good picks but yes, you do have to watch out for sizing. Sometimes their XS's are still huge


I have to go with all of the above, inconsistent sizing, bad return policy and lower quality clothing. If I'm shopping for clothes, definitely have to try on in-store.


I agree with PetiteXXS. The stores are too nutty to be a good shopping experience and fit is too weird to rely on online shopping. Would love to see you modeling any of the above looks if you wind up at F21.


So in my opinion, there are things that are just not meant to have a cheap substitute, and there are things that don't matter. If I'm just looking for a cute item that's in trend, but doesn't have any lasting value, I don't spend too much on it, and usually get a cheaper alternative, or just pass on the trend. In your list, the two skirts (tiered ones, and the lace ones are good examples). Otherwise I think quality is more important than quantity to me. And of course there are things that are just too cute to pass, even though they look like they were made of crud. :D And you know which item I'm talking about.

Really Petite

Great post!! I love finding cheaper items too but you do get what you pay for- especially F21/Love21. I have learned my lesson yet I keep going back to that store! LOL

Catching up on your last few posts- sorry I have been slacking! :)

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