Monday, September 6, 2010

Urban Outfitters haul

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I thought I could resist the jacket that everyone was talking about among the petite blogging community but I failed! Especially when UO has free shipping both ways + 10 % additional discount. This is my second time ordering from them (see my first order here). Before ordering this jacket, I was 100% convinced that this jacket will fit. I am going to start with  Kimchi Blue Knit Gingham Peplum Jacket in XS (on sale for $29.99- was $48.00).  See another version of the same jacket on Kelly @ AterationsNeeded, Chloe @ TheChloeConspiracy , Jen @ FromHeadToToe , PetiteXXS and same version on Jess @ Stylepint.  I can see why they're loving this blazer. If you are my size or one size bigger than me, I recommended size Small instead of X-Small because it is truly tiny. In this photo, I am wearing this blazer over my sleeveless sheath dress. Click here to read more

Verdict: Definitely keeping!

Close up of this fabulous blazer

Up next is BDG Pleated Skirt in 0 (on sale for $19.99 - was $48.00). Size 0 is still available online if you're interested in. It is available in red and blue

This skirt also goes well with the blazer

Verdict: I am not sure what to do with this skirt. What do you guys think? Is it a keeper?

Going down the list is Pins and Needles Crepe Ruffle-Sleeve Dress in 0 in cream. With 15% off, this dress costs $66.30 (was $78.00)

Verdict: I would consider keeping this dress if it costs around $30.00. Return for now and keep my eyes out for further sale!
The last item I ordered was Pins and Needles Pleated Hook And Eye Tunic in XS (on sale for $9.99 - was $42.00). The fit was so ill that I didn't even bother to take photos. I don't know why ordered it to begin with.

Verdict: Return!

What is your favorite item from this order?


The Girlie Blog

I do like that red, pleaded skirt. LOL, hard to resist shopping, huh?


The blazer looks great on you too!!! Hmmm...since you say to size up the small is (was!) still available online. Maybe I should give it a shot? I checked my local UO today and they didn't have it. As for the skirt, I'm with you on the ironing thing. I think it would probably hold up well after washing but I hate ironing so that would definitely be on my consideration list too. I really like that dress on you but since it didn't fit perfectly and could possibly go on sale I say wait. Thanks for the review!


Love that blazer on you and I'm crazy about the ruffle dress - so freakin chic!!


I actually like that red skirt a lot especially the way you wear it with black top and the infamous blazer. Haha. The blazer looks fantastic on you. I ordered the same one and feel that it's a bit too small on me. And I'm worried that it'll shrink after a wash.

The Little Dust Princess

The blazer was a great purchase! Looks great on you. : ) The pleated skirt is really nice and I don't think you'll lose the the pleating with wash. In high school, I had to wear a pleated skirt for my uniform and I've washed that thing a lot of times through my four years of schooling. :P

I don't like the Pins & Needles ruffled sleeves dress on you. Maybe if it was more fitted...


Oh the crepe ruffle dress is so pretty! The design and color of it makes if my fav of your purchases. Only downfall is fit :(


I love that red pleated skirt a lot! If I could be sure that it would fit me, I'd probably get one for myself.


I like how you paired the blazer with the grey sheath dress. i think the red skirt is a keeper, if you're worried about it i would consider a steaming it or taking it to the cleaners. i agree with you on the last dress it is kind of pricey. if is doesn't fit the way you like and its pricey, i think you should definitely return it.

Mix and Match

The first and second both look great on you! Especially the red skirt is so cute, good for work and after work.


What a really cute haul! I really like the skirt as well but I know what you mean by maintaining the pleats. If any of you guys know how to maintain the pleats by low maintenance, do share!

Ahhh and that blazer. Oh boy, I really like that print too!


That blazer is one of the best looking blazers I have ever seen. I love your latest haul especially the blazer and the red skirt (I like pleats but I know I won't be able to iron and get it to look the way it was before washed). I was so tempted to buy that blazer, it seems as if it is the hottest item!


i LOVE the red pleat skirt and the ruffled sleeves dress! i'm not really feeling the jacket but it is a nice fit. what a great haul!


i dont think the armholes are atrociously large. Do-able. but w/fun sleeves like that, you wanna wear it alone. that's what makes the dress different than any other ordinary A line dress. when the jacket covers the sleeves, it doesn't do the dress justice. So if you can live w/the arm-holes and price, I say you should keep it.

skirt is cute. mb wash but air dry to keep the pleats?


The blazer does look really fitted on you in the body, but the shoulders look a bit stretched... I see what you mean by having to size up if it shrinks in the dryer! And I love the pop of the red skirt, but wonder how it'll hold up in the wash as well.. depends on if you love it enough to iron every pleat :) As for the dress, I agree that it's definitely not worth it for that price.


I am a really big fan of the peplum jacket, it's incredible how well it fits on all the ladies who reviewed it. I don't really like the skirt, for some reason it makes your hip looks bigger than it is...the color is wonderful though. Great haul!

Pop Champagne

Cool, yeah to the last thing you ordered, sometimes I find that urban outfitters the cut around the chest is wayyy to low! But I like the jacket and the red skirt you got! I'm soo tempted to order from them :D

its simple love

Gorgeous! Love the look of it on you. You are so beautiful. The fit is nice and the shape looks great with your petite figure. Love urban outfitters. they have such unique things! I just purchased two pairs of shoes and some jeans yesterday.



The pleated skirt is a keeper! The color is stunning on you and the fit looks impeccable.


That red skirt is awesome!

Really Petite

Wow- you did some damage! LOL Love the first jacket on you and I like the pleated read skirt! I think it's unique and it seems to fit nicely! Too bad about that one dress- I had high hopes but the fit is too big on you. Great haul!


You look so chic!

Sydney at PetiteGorgeous

I love the vibrant color of the red skirt. However, the pleats can be very difficult to iron. I have dresses that have some pleats, and I handwash them. If you decide to keep the skirt, just align the pleats carefully when you iron. It's definitely not a task to hurry on.

The Backseat Stylers

That blazer looks fab! I love peplum jackets. Think I might have to order myself one!


what fabric is the skirt? if it's synthetic it's probably heat set and you don't have to worry about the pleats - otherwise *sigh* consider dry cleaning

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