Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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My Dad turned 70 years old past weekend. Us kids were trying to figure out the best way to celebrate his 70th birthday weeks ago. It is a big one and an important one. My Dad has been working his entire life. As the matter of fact, he is still working full time right now at the age of 70. My parents took less than a handful of vacations since the day they came to the US. They worked so hard to support us while we were in school. We usually took him out for dinner every year on his birthday but this year, we wanted to do something special.

Living in Ohio is kind of hard to plan a weekend vacation. Every place that we wanted to go, we either have to fly or drive for a long period of time. Finally, we came up with an idea that we’re going to celebrate my Dad’s birthday at the casino. He has never in his life been to a casino. We’re not gamblers but we think it would be a fun experience for him.

We took off work early on Friday. Everyone hopped in the rental van and headed to Hollywood Casino (which is about 3 hours away). We spent Friday and Saturday at the casino. My Dad really enjoyed the stay and the time he spent with us. Hubby and I won $200.00. Yay! The trip wouldn't be completed without stopping by the outlet mall. Hubby and I was happy to spend the winning money there. I will share my purchase next week.

Happy Birthday, Dad! We really hope that you are going to stay with us for another 20 years



Awww that's so nice! Happy Birthday to your Dad :)

The Little Dust Princess

Aww happy birthday to your father! Congrats on your jackpot. ; ) Sounds like you guys had fun. : )

xx The Little Dust Princess


Happy belated birthday to your dad! And congrats on your sure is hard to walk away from a casino a winner. :) Can't wait to see your haul.


Happy birthday to your dad! We've been to that casino too :) Hubby has a slight weakness for craps LOL. Looking forward to seeing what you found at the outlet mall!


Happy Belated Bithday to your dad - that is totally amazing and awesome. Cheers to your dad and many more years of good health and happiness. That kind of makes me miss my dad badly. I wish we didn't live this far away and I want so much to spend more time with both my parents.


Happy birthday to your dad! Turning 70 is certainly a milestone and I'm so glad he enjoyed the casino trip planned by you and your siblings. It sounds like so much fun. Any pictures to share? :) And congrats on the $200! Can't wait to see what you bought!


Happy birthday to your dad! My Mom just turned 53 yesterday actually (and she bought a house lol... we kid that it's the biggest b-day present ever!). Like your parents, mine work so hard and have been working for so long that I wish I were already in a position to let them retire comfortably already! It's really sweet that you guys planned the trip for him... and such good luck, you actually won some money! The few times we've stepped foot in a casino, we lose money (and super fast too), so we've decided to not do that anymore :P


This is such a great gift to your Dad!! It sounds like you have a very close family and I'm sure your Dad really appreciated everything you guys did for him. Congrats on winning $200 too! :)


happy bday to your dadd!!


Happy Birthday to your dad! I hope you have many more years together. p.s. I'm curious about your haul hehe!


What a fun bday for him, happy birthday!


Thanks ladies for your comments! He is a happiest guy in the world as long as his children are happy.

@Cee: I accidently deleted all the pictures from that trip (from recycle bin). I am so mad at myself. I am trying to find a program that can recover files from emptied recycle bin. I hope it'll work.

@PetiteXXS: Good luck this weekend if you guys decided to step foot in casino again :)


Wow, 70 is a big number to celebrate. Happy birthday to your father. Congrats on your win. Can't wait to see your loot from the trip.

Really Petite cute..Happy Bday to your father!!! What a great bday gift for him :)

My Republic of Fashion

That sounds like an amazing birthday for your Dad!! Happy birthday to your dad. :)SarahD


So sweet, I'm glad you guys had such a great time!

its simple love

Oh how fun! Love it! Happy Birthday to your dad!


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Happy Belated Birthday to you day! Dads are special. They truly are :) Specially for Daddy's Girls! :)

Cupcake Couture

Awww happy birthday to your dad!! 70? That's awesome!! And thanks so much for the comment. :)

Tamara Nicole

Awww Happy Birthday to your daddy! :-)


woohoo happy birthday to your dad :D oooh you live in ohio? i lived there for 10 years and i still consider it to be my home :)


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