Sunday, November 14, 2010

Review: The Little Bra Company (TLBC)

The petite blogging community is probably very familiar with The Little Bra Company (TLBC). They have generously sponsored many of the petite fashion blogs. After seeing many great reviews, I am so thrilled that they contacted me to do another review for them and also another giveaway for my readers. Stay tuned!

Company overview:
For those of you who aren’t familiar with this brand, TLBC was designed to fit the smaller body proportions of petite women. The line features hard-to-find petite sizes ranging from 28A to 36B. TLBC informed me that C cups will be available in the very near future. Continue reading...

The most important thing when going bra shopping is to make sure you know your correct bra size. Finding the right fitting bra has never been easy for me. Like some of you, most of my bras came from Asia. Since my friend bought them for me and sent them overseas, I didn’t have a chance to try them on before hand. I incorrectly assumed my bra size would be the smallest size available in stores. In most cases, it is 32A. I have never measured myself until recently. To my surprise, I have been wearing the wrong size bra all my life.

Click here to find out how to measure your correct bra size. To recap, follow the 4 simple steps below:
Step 1: Measure around the top of your rib cage under your breasts (in inches). Write down this number and add 4. My measurement was 28 + 4 = 32
Step 2: Measure around the fullest part of your breast and write this number down

Step 3: Subtract step 2 from step 1. My measurement was 34 – 32 = 2
Step 4: If the difference is ½ - 1 inch, you are an A cup. If the difference is 1 -2 inches, you are a B cup

That’s it! Simple, right? According to the formula, I am a 32B. I’d never thought I am a B cup. When TLBC asked me which style I’d like to try, I picked out the Angela (best-selling) and the pretty lace Ethel. In this review, I’ll do a comparison between 3 bras so you can see why TLBC works well for petites

1. The first one is Victoria Secret Very Sexy strapless in a 32A (Retail for $50.00). According to the item’s description, the Very Sexy bra is padded for dramatic lift. As you can tell from the photo below, it does nothing for me as far as providing cleavage. Although, they fit pretty decent and leave no gaps in between.

2. The second bra is from Asia in a 32A (Retail for $3.00). The band fits great but still no cleavage. Rather, they give me the illusion of bigger boobs than cleavage due to the heavy padding. Also the quality is pretty cheap (as expected for 3 bucks). They don’t last very long. The under-wire usually pops out after a few months. That’s why I buy them by the dozen.

3. The last one I tried on is The Angela from TLBC (Retail for $52.00). These bras feature carefully engineered cup sizes to accommodate smaller bust. I am wearing a size 32B in the photos below. Based on the formula, 32B seems like a perfect fit for me. As you can see from the photos, the padding is not heavy at all.

Why TLBC works on petites:
These bras are designed with petite figures in mind. Therefore, the measurements are scaled down not only in the bands and cup sizes, but also in total heights and widths. The measurement between the 2 furthest points of the Angela is 11 inches vs. 13 inches for the Very Sexy bra from VS. The two inches make such a huge difference on petites. The cups are also set closer together and the sides don't come up as high. They are very comfortable to wear.

Style: TLBC offers a wide selection from T-shirt bras to sexy deep plunge bras with ultimate cleavage enhancement to strapless bras. The collection also carries matching panties for those of you who like complete sets. In the photos below, I am wearing the Ethel bra in size 32B (Retail for $60.00). The Ethel bra has removable pads. Those pads give you the option for a little or a lot of push.

Price point: Prices run from $52.00 - $60.00. They are a little higher than what I used to pay. Although, for a bra that fits right, it is well worth it.

 Where to buy: If you are interested in trying one of these gorgeous bras, visit or click here for the list of retail stores throughout the U.S.

Additional Info: I encourage you to check out TLBC's website. It contains lots of useful information. Also, check out TLBC’s reviews below from other petite fashion bloggers
Disclaimer: These bras were provided by TLBC for review purposes. They have asked me to keep the best fitted bra as a courtesy. As always, my reviews are my personal opinion. I will not be compensated for posting this review on my blog.



  1. Ooh the Angela looks super good on--perfect amount of cleavage! I'm so jealous these bras don't come in my size! I want to try them so badly. Can't wait til the C cups come out!!! YAY!

  2. Amazing review! You look sooo adorable in your pjs! The Angela gives you amazing cleavage!!!

  3. Great review!! You look so cute in your PJs :) You did a fantastic job!!!

  4. This is such a thorough review! Thanks for showing us a compare between all three. I had to laugh at the Asian bras for $3...what a bargain but I know what you mean...wires popping out after just a few washes.

    Btw Kelly at AN did the first TLBC review I think on the Sascha bras. and

  5. Thanks for the wonderful review! I'm waiting for my Sascha in 28B. I'm really hoping it fits well! It'll be my first TLBC bra.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. Oh wow - thanks for the comparison pics and review - very thorough! I'll have to go check out the site now :)

  7. Great reviews, so nice having comparison photos! I have been so interested in TLBC so looking forward to the giveaway!

  8. omg thaanks so much for the pictures in step 1,2 &3 -- very i been wearing the right cup size, but the band is too embarrassing. i definitely need to order from TLBC!!

  9. Thanks for the great review! The TLBC bra does amazing things for your cleavage!

    I am sad that TLBC is not found anywhere in Las Vegas or Seattle. :( I am still nervous about trying such an expensive bra online, without an easy in-store return. Although, all these reviews are helping bring me closer to make the step. :p

  10. The comparison pictures were so helpful, thanks for the review. I'm off to check out their site now!

  11. Yes was going to say Kelly did a review too!

    I really wish I could find them in Canada - I think there are a couple of stores that may carry them, but they are not convenient for me to get to. Perhaps next time I go to the states I should find out where I can get them!

  12. Hmmmmm, the "add 4 inches" thing doesn't work for me. If I did, I'd have a 32 band and unless they're petite fit, they're usually really big. Even some petite fit 32 bands don't work.

  13. I really enjoyed the review, and I'm not surprised to see Angela work so well for you because that bra is a freakin' cleavage miracle! It sure worked wonders on me (my review). And while your measurement pics are very helpful, I have to disagree with you on the "add 4 inches" thing though. Did you ever try the bra size calculator I posted a while back? I think the TLBC 32B bras fit you because they're made smaller, but I wonder if the calculator will size you differently. It's been pretty accurate for me.

  14. Ooooh la la! The third one looks very va va voom! It's pricey but I think it looks great on you!

  15. @Mich LA: I am hoping that you get to try them in the very near future when C cups are available. They are amazing!

    @PAG: I know they are such a bargain. I seriously still have 10 new bras that I haven't touched. Thanks for letting me know about Kelly's review. Kelly did her reviews before I joined blogger so I had no clue. I have to go back and check her reviews out.

    @TLDP: Congrats on winning the TLBC bra again. I am looking forward to see them on you

    @Elle: Thanks, Elle. The giveaway will be announced this week

    @Ping: Definitely check them out! I think they do have stores throughout CA

    @Michelle and Curls-and-Pearls: I understand! I was the same way. I wanted to try the TLBC bra for so long but afraid they won't fit. That's why I am super excited when they contacted me for the review. I had a chance to try on several bras.

    @Cynthia C and @PetiteXXS: I followed the instruction found on TLBC’s website and it works for me. Surprisingly, there are several ways to measure your bra size. I do think the formula that the TLBC provided based on their specific measurements for petites. It makes sense because the band's size has scaled down to fit smaller body proportions. I am not surprised that your measurements is a little larger than what you typically wear

  16. The add 4" thing is conventional bra sizing advice; unfortunately, it dates from a time when bra bands were made from less stretchy material, and thus doesn't really apply to most modern brands. It makes sense that the TLBC 32 would fit you well if their bands run a size small, because your ribcage measurement would put you in a 30 for most brands (probably 30C, as you go up one cup size every time you go down a band size).

    Regardless, I'm glad you found their bras to fit well; finding a brand and size that works for you is awesome!

  17. wow, the Angela bra looks really amazing! i love how the bras are more narrow at 11" than traditional bras. this definitely makes a huge difference for us petites!

  18. What a great opportunity to try those, it's always hard finding good bras!

  19. Great review. However the measuring method listed on their site didn't work for me. My cup size turned out to be "B" using their method and the band is still too loose (while cup size is okay). I am going to give it another shot by getting A cup this time. Those TLBC bras look great on you.

  20. Great review Sydney! Fortunately TLBC is sold at some shops in my city, I really want to go try some on now! Hehe I love my Japanese bras but never hurts to buy more!

  21. It's very useful, the info. Especially when youre going bra shopping. Thanks for sharing the images and come and visit me too when you have time.


  22. @s
    If you get a chance to try them on, please let me know. I would love to know how they fit you

  23. these are so cute and look great on you! i ordered a size too big last time so i'll have to wait to grow into them .. hopefully xD

  24. i have one already but now will have to get the angela too. :) not like i need another bra, but it looks oh-so-flattering on you! anything that helps with nonexistent cleavage... -punksjunk

  25. oh my. what a dramatic difference! I have seen positive reviews from so many of you already but still haven't pulled the trigger to purchase anything from them. I wish there was a way to try them on before buying. :(

  26. Great job...never heard of them before:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog!

  27. i really appreciate this company, i had a serious self esteem problem, but seeing how other girls are comfortable with their body really helped me love my own ! <3 can't wait to try it out !

  28. Wouldn't you be a 28F/28DDD or something around there since your ribcage is 28? Why add 4? Bc when I add 4 on my ribcage the bra is way too loose on the band. So I don't understand why you added 4 on your band measurements. Is it bc the little bra company band size fits small? Just wondering.