Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday edition: Gift guide for kids

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We're counting down to Christmas at our house and the little one couldn't stay away from the presents. Buying gifts for young kids can be tricky especially when you’re not a parent. I’d like to share some of the things that I bought for my little girl this Christmas. I hope to give you some ideas if you’re still looking for a perfect gift for your niece/nephew.

The first item on her wish list was the Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss Gift Set. She enjoys flipping through the Victoria Secret catalog. She thinks this lip gloss set is kind of cool to put on her Christmas wish list. She is not allowed to have any kind of make up whatsoever. I don't mind getting it for her so she can play dress up with the neighbor kids or her friends when they come over. It’s not just about the educational stuff all the time. She should have some fun at her age. Continue reading...

The second item on her wish list was the iPod. This was a tough decision. It’s not because we can or can’t get it for her, it’s because SHOULD we get it for her? It took me the longest time to understand that communication is very important to any relationship including the parent-child relationship. Kids around the country are getting high on the technology. I want her to communicate with us about her days at school, what she did that day. I want to stay connected with her through communication instead of letting her eyes glued to a screen.  Although we decided to get the pink Apple iPod Nano for her but there certainly will be rules of use. It’s a cool gadget to have as long as she uses it right.

The last item on her wish list was book. I am very thankful that she expresses her interest in reading at a very young age. If your child loves reading, I would recommend the “alicious” book series. What she has so far is the Pinkalicious, the Goldalicious and we just got her the Purplicious for Christmas. I know she’ll enjoy it. Getting a kid movie is another great option for young kids. I can’t tell you when was the last time we actually saw an adult movie at the movie theatre. I have watched enough cartoons and kid movies in my life. My favorite kid movie up until this point is the Despicable Me. This movie is super hilarious and it sure will entertain everyone in your family.

Helping her to stay active is also high on my list. We are taking the little one to ski for the first time next month. Therefore, getting the right ski gear is a must. On a related note, if you happen to see The North Face Girls' Marjorie Triclimate Jacket in XXS, please DM me. We have been looking everywhere for this jacket in size XXS but they all sold out (even online). She is wearing the XS. We plan to keep it and make it work but it would be wonderful if we can find a smaller size. Click to buy the The North Face Thermal Beanie Hats and The North Face Girl's Montana Glove

We also got her the Roller Derby Girls Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate. It’s just another way to stay active. Sometimes choosing the right gift for kids becomes overwhelmed especially when you’re not a parent. Please only use this as a guide. I don't (by all means) think these are the best gifts for kids. The “right” gifts are depending on the age bracket, different ages have different priorities and also depending on your perspective. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and lets the Christmas countdown begins




SHE IS SO CUTE! and that jacket looks so cute on her, too bad its not the PERFECT, but it still looks cute!


aww your little girl is so girly :) so cute! i think the new ipod nano's are sooo adorable. happy christmas!


Aw this is such a cute gift list. When I have a little girl of my own (and I so have my heart set on a girl and not boy : P ) I know I'll love gift shopping for her.

Btw, I got my 5 yr old brother the ipod nano last year...and what does he say this year? "now theres ipod touch and iphone and ipad...ipod nano is not so cool anymore huh?" Hearing those words from a small child left my mouth open lol...it's good for kids to stay on the "in" for technology and what is hot, but I'm in disbelief that some of his friends have those other gadgets. At least he loves to read, like your little one.


Thanks for the guide Sydney - most of my younger cousins are all grown up now (in high school/ college, etc.) so it'll be a while before I have to worry about presents for little kids...but I love all of your picks...except for me! LOL, I plan to forward this post to my parents since I wouldn't mind anything on here that recommended. :)


I got books for all the kids on my list this year. LOL I'm going to be the aunt that gives "boring" gifts - they'll thank me later :P

Really Petite

Omg she is adorable! Great picks for kids!!! I have a ton of nieces and nephews I had to shop for!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


Cool gifts for your precious daughter. Kids grow so fast as well as their thought and wishlist. My little one is still too young to express what she wants on Christmas but she has already developed her sense of style. At 23 months old, she picks what she wants or doesn't want to wear *_*


omg those are such cute little gifts! i used to want makeup when i was a little girl and my mom would never get it for me. i just watched despicable me the other day. it was such a cute movie!


shoot, *I* want the lip gloss gift set.

The Little Dust Princess

Aww, such great ideas. Little girls LOVE lip glosses for some reason. They see mommy wearing lipstick and they wanna follow suit! haha

xx The Little Dust Princess


great gift ideas!! i love the skates especially at the end. i got a pair for xmas one year and it was seriously the best thing ever! i rode my skates everywhere. :)



She is absolutely adorable! Shopping for our little one is still easy because he's not yet voicing his opinions :) We got him a wagon, adventure play tent, and those giant legos.


I like the gift list! For me, it's the best guide on what to buy for kids. Also, we're able to think about our reasons in giving said gifts. It's for the benefit of the child, anyway.

On my part, I'm so glad about the gifts my daughter received last Christmas. At her age, she's crazy about dolls and books. That's why she received 18 inch doll clothing, 18 inch dolls, clothes and accessories, books and drawing pads from her brothers and sisters. We made her a little library at home too.

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