Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend outfit: Featuring Colehaan Petra Tall Boots

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This outfit represents what I typically wear on the weekend. My go-to weekend outfit is usually a pair of skinny jeans tucked into boots and some sort of sweaters.  I wear high heels 5 days a week. Therefore, on the weekend, I try to give my feet a break and only wear flats.  If you follow my blog, you probably remember my midnight madness experience. I went shopping at mid-night on Thanksgiving to pick up a pair of riding boots that I have been eyeing for a while. Here they are, the Colehaan Petra Tall Boots. Continue reading...

What I am wearing:
Sweater: Gap ultra soft v-neck sweater in XS regular (buy it here - on sale)
Jeans: F21dark skinnies in 25 x 28 (buy it here)
Necklace: F21  (buy it here)
Belt: Gap floral belt in XS (buy it here)

I have been looking for a pair of riding boots forever but haven’t found the one that I really like. They are either too big for my calves or not comfortable.  I finally found my perfect pair at Colehaan outlet. These boots are available in black, brown and sandshell. I called the store the day before and had the brown ones on hold.  At the end, I brought the sandshell home with me instead of the brown ones.

One of my goals this year is to try new things and not buying the same stuff over and over again. This time I was able to force myself buying something different other than black and brown. This color is not something I would typically buy and it’s not something I already had in my closet. I wasn’t sure if I am going to keep them or not but the color is growing on me. As far as comfortability, there is no doubt that Colehaan makes the best shoes. These are 100% real leather. They run a bit narrow so I went up a 1/2 size. As you can see from the photos, they fit my calves quite well. I really like them and I know I will get tons of wear out of them.

What do you think about the color?



You always look so chic and put together in your outfit photos!

The boots look great on you, even the color since it matches your sweater. Does the top of the boot have elastic? it looks like it curves in the back to fit your calves so perfectly. =)

The Little Dust Princess

I agree with Jess. You look very chic. : ) I think the boots and the colour look great on you, but I probably wouldn't get that colour for myself because I don't think it would suit me.

xx The Little Dust Princess


You look great!

I love the color of the boots! I bet the color will get more beautiful with more wear.


Sydney you look great!! Hehe just thought I'd mention ~ the Gap sweater link is to the maternity sweater -- LOL! I was wondering why the model had such a huge belly...


You look very cozy and casual in this ensemble. I like the color you chose and would have had a hard time debating between brown and this color for riding boots. The side view of the calves does look great!

How do you like the F21 skinnies? Another blogger (9 to 5 chic) raved about them a while back and I was interested in trying them before I became obsessed with Gap.


@Stylepint Hi Jess,
yes, the back of the boots has elastic and it does help with the fitting (especially for small calves)

@s Thanks Sophia for noticing. I fixed the link. I don't want to buy maternity sweater just yet :)

@PetiteAsianGirl I think I made the right choice for getting this color instead of the brown ones. I do like F21 skinnies. The quality isn't super great or anything like that. But for the price, I think they're great. The thing I like the most about these skinnies is they come in 28 inches which is a perfect length for me. You should give them a try.

Lisa - respect the shoes

Your boots look fantastic! I love the pale camel color!


Wow.. Great boots! I love how they fit the back of the legs. I would've picked a cognac color but that's just me!


Sydney those look amazing on you! And I really like the colour you chose too.


You look snazzy, Sydney. I love the color of these boots. Is the sweater the one I tried on and thought was too big on me, and it fit you just right? I'll be darned. It does fit you perfectly. Nice pictures. I noticed that you have blush on, very pretty.


Your pics make me want a pair of riding boots too. This color is unexpected from the usual brown, but I think they're a great neutral and can go with lots of outfits. You look so chic and stylish in these boots with the matching sweater and belt. I'll be sure to add it to my list when I pull the trigger for riding boots :)


@Vicky Yup, it was the one you tried on and thought was too big. Sz XS regular fits me pretty well. Gap is still having these sweaters in stores. Thanks for noticing my blush. It is Rock & Republic pressed blush in tease. I love it so much. One sweep goes a long way. Thanks to Jean for the recommendation.


I really like the color of these boots and think they're a good change to the typical brown and black. and they will still be just as versatile as brown boots but add a bit of variety. i'm really loving them and they fit your calves so well!

btw, you look so lovely in your pictures!


i love this outfit and the sand color boots. this is definitely something i'd wear! everything fits you so well.


those boots are a really interesting colour. i'd try pairing it instead with something super bright like red. on the other hand, i adore the fit of that sweatshirt!

by the way, i definitely got your bag and have been shooting outfit photos with it. it's amazing! check out my newest post :)

<3 angie


i love the sand color! it's a nice departure from the cognac boots i usually see.


Those boots are perfection and the color is just beautiful! Also love how you paired everything together. I really need to pay a visit to that Cole Haan store :)


Oh those boots are gorgeous! Love that color.

Really Petite

Oh you lucky girl!!! I could have sworn I posted a comment and now I don't see it!! Strange!!

You look amazing in this outfit! You are so lucky to have such long legs :)

San Jose Love

These look really good on you and hooray for trying new things. I've been looking for the perfect pair of brown riding boots for myself too and it looks like the search continues. Thank you for suggesting the 6pm website to me in earlier comments. I didn't end up buying anything there but its good to know other sources for small sized shoes. Thanks!


I love the color of the boots, love camel/tan


I love this look, camel against dark denim is hot! And you look so beautiful. I love your blog!

Maryjane xoxo


You look amazing! Those jeans fit you PERFECTLY! I think we are close to the same size. I'm going to look into those skinnies! :) And the boots! They look GREAT on you! I love your whole outfit!


mmm...why have I not seen this background before? I'm a fan. More outfits w/this background please.

I would not think to get a riding boot in this color, but even I was surprised at how much this color appeals to me. You do often see Cognac around. Sand is such a good alternative!


LOVE those boots!! I wear riding boots all the time in the fall and winter and now they are pretty much all I reach for on the weekends. Those are so cute in that light tan color!

Pop Champagne

hahaha I buy the same stuff over and over too! sometimes with the same sweater if it fits well I buy 2 of different colors :D btw love your boots in these pics


you look great! and i think the color of the boots are very refreshing. if my nine west boots don't work out, i think i'll have to get those in black! (hopefully my outlet has them).

20 York Street

You look soo very well put together Syd! I love the boots but I gotta say, I am in search of exactly that sweater you are wearing so I'm glad you posted this - its beautiful!



p.s. can't wait for you to share what he built when you were dating!


I initially thought the boots were a bit loose in the first pic, but the side view shows how well they fit you! I have two pairs of Uggs in black and a sand color similar to this one, and I have to admit that I reach for the black more often because they go better with my dark jeans and tights, but I do like lighter color boots as well because they theoretically elongate the legs. Have you tried these boots with skirts? I'd bet they would look amazing too :)

Brunch at Saks

Just found your blog and love it! Your outfit is perfect and you look gorgeous! I love the boots! xoxo, Annemarie


@20 York Street Gap is having an amazing sale right now. Go get one (or more) of these sweaters for yourself :)

@PetiteXXS Liane, thanks for taking your time and commented on my posts. That's very sweet of you. I haven't try these boots with skirt yet. I will when the weather is warmer. I wouldn't want to wear a skirt right now when it is 17 degree outside

@Brunch at Saks Hi there, thank you for following my blog. I am glad you enjoy my post


I love these boots (and they are such a neutral, they're sure to go with everything)! The color is very similar to the ones I bought this season from F21 (but yours are much nicer). Great outfit!

Sarah Ostrow

I completely lucked out when I was visiting relatives in the US a few years ago – I discovered that slim calf boots seem to be slim enough in the calf for my ‘solid’ legs. I only bought one pair – I wish I’d bought more, then i came to know about it's online order/delivery services & I'm happy to see that.

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