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Review: Laneige skincare

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I don’t have a major acne problem but my skin is still far from perfect. I've been looking for skin care products that would improve, lighten and even out my skin tone for a while. I am overwhelmed with all the skin care products out there and do not know where to start. I turned to some of my favorite beauty bloggers for their experiences.  After doing a bit of research, I decided to try the Laneige skin care products.  I started with two products: the Laneige skin refiner and the Laneige night cream. They are the basic of any skin care routine.  I have always had very dry skin (so dry it flakes), especially in the winter. Therefore, moisturizers are essential for me. Let's start with the Laneige white plus renew skin refiner: Continue reading...

Skin refiner is another term for skin toner. This product also has moisturizers to hydrate the skin. According to product’s description "skin whitening toner that refines and clarifies your skin surface. The product contains papaya extracts and water lily extracts that remove old dead skin cells and impurities on skin surface.”

How to use:
After I clean my face, I take a pea sized amount onto a cotton pad and lightly apply it all over my face. I use it every morning before applying makeup. It helps toning and moisturizing my skin.

The next product that I've tried is the Laneige white plus renew night cream. According to product's description "The Laneige white plus renew night cream works intensively while you are sleeping to give you radiant and clear skin"

How to use:
After I clean my face, I take a pea sized amount with my finger and apply it all over my face. I lightly press the palms down onto the face for better absorption. I use this product at night before bedtime. It helps my skin stay moisturized when I wake up in the morning.

What l like:
-  A pea size amount covers my whole face. Each container should last me for several months
-  I really don't like strong smelling products and both of the products smell wonderfully
-  They absorb pretty quickly. My skin felt moisturized throughout the night and not sticky.
-  Skin care products can be very expensive. You don't have to spend a tons of money to have good skin. The most important is figuring out what works best for your skin. The entire Laneige skin care line is super adorable. I believe all their skin care products are under $50.00.

What I don’t like:
- I wish the bottle has some sort of dispensing system. Since the liquid is gel-like, it doesn't come out so easily without the dispenser. Buy the product hereI am only a week into using these products. Therefore, I can't give you an intensive review yet. So far, I definitely see some improvements on my skin. My skin feels so soft and smooth when I wake up in the morning. If you have any experiences with the Laneige skin care, I would love to hear from you. If you have any recommendations as far as skin care products for super dry skin, please also let me know.


A Shine Bunny

I love Laneige products as well, lucky enough there is a Korean beauty boutique shop that carries almost all its products in my local area!! Also I think you can purchase from!

The Girlie Blog

Good to know that it's working for you so far. Hopefully the product(s) continue their good work. BTW, your skin looks flawless in the photos - doesn't look like you require much products at all!

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the Vanicream is great for dry skin. my dermatologist prescribe me Retin-A for my scars & it seriously dries my skin out. i also used the laneige Star white cream & laneige star white emulsion but it did not help with the dryness. my skin is no longer dry & flaky bc of vanicream. you can buy it at cvs or walgreens


Thanks for the great review Sydney - can't wait to hear what you think of them a few months down the line. I need to start taking care of my skin too and like you I am confused by all the products on the market. I am a little scared of trying products with lightening properties (heard it's just like skin bleach which can't possibly be good?), so really eager for your follow up! :)


Like Elle, I'm curious about your follow-up review. I've been using Lancome for the longest time but haven't really ever been wowed by any moisturizers. I do like Eucerin as a body moisturizer. I apply it post-shower and 24 hours later when I take another shower, I can still feel that my skin is smooth from the lotion.


oh i'm so glad that these products are working for you so far! i've been curious about Laniege for awhile now too but still have old skincare products to use up first. can't wait for the follow-up review!


Can't wait to hear your verdict on Laneige. I see ads for it everywhere, and a couple of guy friends recommended that I use it....which is weird because I don't trust them as a skincare expert! I think they were influenced by the commercials.

My skin gets very dry and flaky too, I live in Canada, its dry in the winter and the heat inside makes it worse. I want to even out my skin tone too. I tried other whitening products but it made my skin really dry. I'm currently using dibi serum with my regular moisturizer so that my skin stays more hydrated.


Thanks for doing a quick review on the Laneige skincare line. I used it in the past but I don't think I was using it correctly to a point where I see a difference in my skin - I guess I wasn't consistent with using the products. But now I see how important skincare can be, I'm going to look more into the Laneige line since I've also heard good things about it. Your post pretty much "woke" me up hahaha thanks!


i been looking for a good skincare. please update with results! i tried creme de la mer and not sure if i am impressed with the cream. i was hoping for miracles since its so expensive. lol


Since everyone's skin is different - and personal preferences on products come into play - it's good to read as many unbiased reviews of skin care products as possible.

Here's a page with reviews of natural skin care products that are also organic. The reviews are based on the experiences and findings of members of a test panel.

Really Petite

Great review! Never tried their products before but you have peaked my interest:)


yay for Laneige! it's the first skincare stuff that i bought and i loved it!


Great review. Other than Amazon, where can I buy them?


@A.Li Hi there, other than Amazon, Laneige products can also be found at several online stores such as, and I haven't ordered from those sites so I am not sure how long it'll take for the order to arrived. Shipping at Amazon is super fast. Hope that helps!


I've actually never heard of Laneige, and skincare products are so so expensive to try randomly so I'm definitely interested in finding out if it works well for you! My current regimen is working okay for me, but I am getting older and I'm sure my skin needs will change so I have to be on the lookout for good products to try.


Kawaii List also sells all Laneige line on facebook. They are located in the US. Their prices are very reasonable.


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