Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My (almost) free Gap purchase

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I am sorry for not staying active lately. One of my New Year’s resolutions is spending more time with my family. That’s exactly what I am doing. Although I still enjoy reading all my favorite blogs. I am very excited to share with you guys an amazing deal that I was lucky to catch today. After work, I had a bit of time to kill before my workout class starts so I stopped by the mall on the way home. Gap is having additional 50% off sale items. Today must be my lucky day because I only spent 97 cents on my purchase. Below is what I’ve got:

I have this sweater in several colors and I love it. Size XS fits me really well. Click here to buy. Continue reading...


Cost breakdown:
Originally: $54.50
Sale price: $19.99
Addition 50% off: $9.99

Flower ballet flats
I couldn't find the link online. These slippers are very comfy to wear around the house and also keep my feet warm. Aren't they super adorable?
Cost breakdown:
Originally: $24.50
Sale price: $6.97
Addition 50% off: $3.49

Textured tights in S
I wear tights all winter long. These tights are essential for me. They are very durable

Cost breakdown:
Originally: $14.50
Sale price: $4.49
Addition 50% off: $2.25

I also had a $20.00 reward card that I can use on top of the sale. This is what I paid:

Sweater: $9.99
Flats: $3.49
Tights: $6.75 (for 3 pairs)
Total: $20.23 plus tax
Reward card: ($20.00)
Final cost: $.97 (including tax)

Isn't that crazy?




wow, so impressed!! now that is some good shopping! the cowl neck sweater is a lovely color and surprised they still had small sizes in stock. the ballet flats i can see as being perfect for keeping your feet warm around the house. so many good buys! you're a lucky girl, sydney! :)

cute and little


OMG how is that even possible?? That is amazing!!!!

Great finds and buys!! You are so lucky!!!!


Now that is an insane deal!


I love your comfy ballet flats for home! Soo cute!!! WOW! What an amazing DEAL!!!

The Little Dust Princess

Wow great finds and awesome deals! I can't believe you only paid 97c for everything! That's so awesome :D

xx The Little Dust Princess

20 York Street

Holy WOW! I mean seriously wow, how did you do that? I gotta run to GAP tomorrow!

Stay Happy and Positive!





So proud of you, Sydney! And thanks to your tweets last Christmas, I was able to grab two Cowl neck sweaters as well (black, grey) at this incredible price. :) Love the black one very much!


Nice finds! Love everything you got and wish regular Gap sizes fit me so I have more incentive to go to the actual store for these great deals!

Curves ahead makeup

wow that crazy !!! now that's a saving


Wow nice deal! :)




That's a pretty amazing deal!


WoW! That's amazing, i wish sales where like that here too... Love the color of the sweater and the tights are really pretty.


awesome haul! =D

San Jose Love

wow that's such a steal. literally!


That IS wild! And such great finds, too! Glad to hear you have been spending time with your family!


omg!! what a bargain. i need some thick tights for this cold weather.


Mb this isn't the right post to comment on the cowl neck sweater. I saw it in store. Tiny-yes. But I felt all the colors (w/the exception of the red) were so "old." one wash, and I can imagine the colors just fading or having this aging effect (can't describe it more). I really liked only this red color, but felt a little overwhelmed by how bright it really is. Now if I can get it for $.97, I'd buy it!


This is the best deal EVER. I would've been amazed at 97 cents for ONE item, but all this?! I can't wrap my head around it! Are you on cloud nine? I know I would be, lol. Great purchases and I can't see you wearing them!


Very impressive! Great job. I love the tights! you are quite a great bargain hunter :)


@Cee Yes, I am still on cloud nine. I can't believe I scored all these items for less than a buck. Pretty sweet deal :)


Great deals! Also, 6% sales tax!? I'm jealous.


Wow! That is the best deal! I can't believe you got so many different things - love them all. You're making me want to go to the mall now!


I read this post last night while in bed and wanted to run to the Gap for clearance winter stockings, lol! ANd today I forgot about tomorrow, hopefully my store has some left for that bargain price you got 'em at.


I love the color of the sweater! ! that is crazy! all those items for only 0.97! Man, that's such a deal. I never know how to shop like that. I always go away from a store at least $50+ for stupid things. Yay for still money-saving for you!


What a steal! I think it's great that you're maximizing discounts - it just means you're getting more for way less than you would have have originally paid. NY resolution - CHECK!


Wow, I can't believe you got all of that for 97 cents! That's amazing! Those slippers are so cute too! Love them.

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