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Today, I am very excited to introduce to you my newest sponsor – Petite Legs Online Boutique from the UK. Kudos to another online boutique that is dedicated to petites. I am always on the lookout for new brands/labels to try. Therefore, I was super excited that the owner of Petite Legs agreed to send these jeans to me for a review. I am so happy I got them. In this post, I am going to talk about my shopping experience, the fit, the quality, and also the price. I am wearing the Heidi Pencil Leg Jeans in size UK4 and 29 inseam. They are one of Petite Legs’s top sellers. Unfortunately, the exact same pair is currently out of stock, but there are many more to choose from. Continue reading..

What I am wearing:
Top: LOFT Rosette Halter Cami - XSP (buy it here)
Jeans: Heidi Pencil Leg Jeans c/o Petite Legs
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Pump (buy it here)
Shopping Experience: Let’s begin with my online shopping experience. The first thing I noticed when I landed on Petite Legs’s site is that shoppers have the option of selecting their length. For petites, the length starts from 24” to 26” inseam (which is incredible for shorter petites). Once you select your desired length, the page will filter by sizes. Petite size starts from UK4 (fits like US size 0) to UK20.  The site is extremely easy to navigate. You shouldn’t have any problems finding exactly what you’re looking for. Petite Legs offers a full range of petite-friendly items such as denim, dresses, skirts, accessories and even shoes for small feet. I picked out what I’d like to review within 2 minutes.  

Fit: Now, I want to talk about the fit because it is truly amazing. It’s always a scary thing to shop for jeans online. Even when you shop at a physical store, you almost have to try on several pairs to find the ones that truly fit. Upon receiving the jeans, I highly doubted that they would fit me perfectly. Well, they turned out to be a perfect fit. I don’t know about you guys, but waist gap bothers me. I understand it is an easy fix with a belt, but sometimes I don’t like to wear a belt with jeans. I tried these on and there was absolutely no waist gap. These jeans fit me like a glove throughout. Compared to the famous Gap jeggings that got so much love from the petite community, the waist of these jeans measured 13.0” (laying flat). The measurement of the UK4 is almost identical to the size 00 in the US.

Material: They are more like light-weight jeans for warmer weather. The fabric is also stretchy and breathable. If you like jeggings, these skinnies are definitely for you. The material is not as sturdy as traditional jeans, but not as clingy as leggings. One thing that I don’t like about these jeans are the pockets. I am not too crazy about the pocket design. They’re just too flashy for me. I can definitely see myself wearing these jeans with a longer top for the weekends.
Price point: Denim ranges from £21.99 - £34.99 which approximate from $30.00 - $50.00. The prices are very affordable. This is a great price point for a pair of denim - especially jeans that are designed for petite figures.
What you need to know:
- Petite Legs offers free returns and free exchanges under certain conditions. This policy is always a plus for online shoppers. Click here for their full return/exchange policy.
- If a customer outside the UK wishes to have an item refunded, Petite Legs will refund their invoice total. Due to high cost of shipping outside the UK, Petite Legs cannot reimburse your cost to send the item back to Petite Legs. This policy is also currently extended to UK customers.
- Petite Legs provides a comprehensive measuring guide online.  These tips will guide your e-shopping experience with ease. Be sure to follow the instructions for your correct measurements.
- They ship worldwide! The item(s) will be shipped within 3 working days of when your payment clears. However, be sure to click here for worldwide shipping information to determine approximate delivery schedule to your address.

Petite Legs generously offered a wonderful giveaway for readers of Stay tuned for the giveaway announcement this week!
Disclosure: I received these jeans courtesy of Petite Legs. As always, my reviews are my personal opinion. I will not be compensated for posting this review on my blog.


H Rija

Thanx for the review and the outfit looks great!


sydney-- you look great! those jeans fit you like a glove and i really like the wash. it nice that they offer so many inseams.


Oh! Great choice!! We seem very similar in size, so I love when you review items! :)

I love how easy the petite legs website is to navigate! And the information they provide regarding fit is great!

Thanks for the review and introducing us to a new online merchant! :)

Petite Mom

I love a good pair of jeans and these look great. The zippers and pockets are a little much for my taste too. But you can't beat perfect fit! I'd try out a pair too if I haven't already satisfied my jeans craze of late!

The Little Dust Princess

omg! I love the pair you picked out. The fit and the wash are amazing! You look so tall and slender in them. : ) The only thing I'm not liking is the back pocket design and the zipper in the front.

xx The Little Dust Princess


Wow these jeans look amazing on you. The fit looks perfect. Thanks for the review, Sydney. Looking forward for the giveaway. :)


You look great in these jeans. Fits you perfectly everywhere. I agree the pocket stitching is a bit flashy, but since it looks so good on you, it probably wouldn't bother me much. Thanks for the review!


Wow, what a fabulous fit - they look like they were made for you! What inseam length did you wind up getting?


GREAT review and great fit! Wow, those jeans are cheap! Everyone can afford a pair! Love it!


These jeans look great on you! I also checked the website of Petite Legs a few days ago but was disappointed because they don't offer inseams longer than 29". I am 5.2 just like you, but my legs are on the longer side (30" barefoot), so I could never wear a 29" jeans unless they are skinnies. I think it would be great if Petite Legs offered 30" and 31" inseams as well for those petites with slightly longer legs (given that "regular" jeans start at 32" we are sized out here).

DSK Steph

You look hott! ;D


wow, these jeans are a perfect fit on you!! i agree that the detailing on the butt is a little bit much, but it's not too bad. i'm especially excited about this brand in that they offer inseams that go down so small. thanks so much for the review and i can't wait for the giveaway!

cute and little


great review! The jeans look like a perfect fit on you.


The fit looks spot on! That's quite amazing since we all know how iffy shopping for jeans online can be. I'm glad to hear that they offer free returns/exchanges. Thanks for introducing us to another petite-friendly site!


those jeans look amazing on you! they fit you like a glove!


The jeans look GREAT on you! I can see why you feel iffy about the pockets, I am not a fan of too much flair on jeans. But all in all these fit you perfectly! Thanks for the review!

Curls and Pearls

Great review Sydney! The jeans look amazing on you - I just checked out the site and it looks very promising - shipping is a bit steep for my likely though (I'm a cheapie ;) ) but it's great that it worked out so well!


@SewPetiteGal I ended up getting the 29" inseam. It is the perfect length for my height.

@Anonymous Thank you so much for your feedback. I will forward your thoughts to Petite Legs. I hope they'll offer more longer inseams in the very near future.

@Curls and Pearls Thanks, Elaine. I am a cheapie when it comes to shipping as well. Unfortunately, the business is based in UK. I can understand why shipping is so costly.

Really Petite

Awesome! You look AMAZING and super long and tall in them!!! Thanks so much for introducing us to this company:)


Wow! These look great on you! =)


Hi Everyone - Wow, thank you so much for your comments! I'm Sami by the way, founder of Petite Legs, and it really does mean so much to me that you all have checked out my site and are giving back such positive comments! I'm also taking on board the constructive feedback such as introducing jeans with longer inseams, and I will certainly consider this for the future. Please do keep all your thoughts coming, and thank you once again for your support! Sami x


I don't like the pockets either. I also think it makes the booty look flatter. (not yours...just in general)

Tiffany - I am Style-ish

you look really cute! love the jeans on you, they fit perfectly. Does it say Gucci on the back or am I just reading wrong?

I agree with anonymous because I am considered petite but I don't like to buy petite pants because the inseams are usually too short. I always get my pants tailored to about a 31 inch inseam but nobody does a 31 inch inseam so I always have to get them hemmed.


Wow, those fit you amazing! They look so good on you:) It's so hard to find jeans that fit so it's really great that those fit you from online. They look a lot more expensive than they are too.


The jeans look great on you! Thanks for the review :)


Very interesting, I'll have to check out this site. I hope they have a mid rise since I really don't care for the lower rise on skinny jeans for sure.


Lol! Tiffany - I was thinking the same thing...does the tag say Gucci?

I really love the fit of these through the hip and leg on you, Sydney. The dark denim also looks like the perfect wash. And I understand the joys of having no waist gap! I have the same concerns voiced by a few other commenters...the low rise, the decorated pockets, and the Gucci-like tag.


@PetiteAsianGirl, @Tiffany - I am Style-ish LOL! I wish they were Gucci but they weren't. Like Jean said, it's Gucci-like tag which I am not a fan of. I agree with you that the fit is awesome but there are a few things that can be improved.


You look amazing!! Love those jeans!

i love mochi

the color of that top is sooo lovely! and those jeans fit you like a second skin, looking great =)



wow, the perfect jeans :)


Yelena Starikova

Wow! Looks like a Great Pair of Jeans!!!

Jeans Online

Nice one.. Looking forward for more Great Pair of Jeans..


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