Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Closet remix: 03.22.2011

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This is another typical work outfit that I’ve put together. I bought this blouse from Ann Taylor Factory last year and totally forgot about it. This shell is very similar to the Ann Taylor silk shell with necktie that several petite bloggers have reviewed. I am trying out a new color combination. I thought this outfit is still somewhat neutral even though each piece has its own color. Please excuse my messy necktie. I had no idea how to tie it. Overall, I really like this outfit. This outfit represents what I would be wearing every day. I don’t mind wearing the same clothing over and over again if I wear it differently. I do like to change things up once in a while. I certainly do not have to wear new clothes all the time to make me feel good. If I find something that works for me, I tend to stick with it. Continue reading...



What I am wearing:
Skirt: H&M Camel Skirt - size 2 * hemmed* (buy similar here - available in small sizes)
Blouse: AT Factory - 00P *altered* (buy similar here - 40% off)
Cardigan: BR - XSP (buy similar here - available in XXSP)
Pumps: Gifted by a friend (buy similar here - available in small sizes)


Readers, do you ever get tired of wearing the same things all the time? My answer is no :)



Ooh, I love that skirt!


Great classic combo! The skirt fits you like a glove.

I don't tire of the same thing if I really really love a piece. For example I have a purple silk tank top that is probably 5 years old from express, but it's so versatile! I also got my first blazer from theory, which probably get worn to death!


You look very lovely here Sydney and that blue color of your blouse is such a pretty jewel tone!

As to personal style, I often find myself wearing several differnt styles in one week. I did a little reading and found out my style type is actually described as "eclectic". Which means that I will happily wear boho/hippie, ladylike/classic, gamine/preppy...etc all within the same week and not even give a second thought to how diversified my looks are ;)


I love camel and consider it as neutral as whites/grays/blacks. The jewel tone of your blouse goes so nicely with it. Great pairing!

I have no problems wearing the same outfits over and over. But of course, those don't end up on my blog. Sometimes I don't feel like I mix things up enough, and only change up one or two items. But... there's a limit to every item.


On my wish list is a light neutral pencil skirt... like yours! I can't believe I used to think camel was a hard color to match. It definitely is a great neutral that goes with almost everything. And I don't mind at all about wearing the same combos... it works for a reason, right?


The color of that top is so pretty...and I love the tie on it too...and I will definitley repeat an outfit that I loved!


ooh this is the perfect work outfit! the color of that blouse is very pretty! and yes i tend to repeat the same style :)


Great outfit and I love the tie top, the color is so gorgeous. I find myself reaching for a few outfits that I know look good and are super comfy, so I do wear them a lot. I don't mind old pieces, that's the whole point of having a fully functional closet, each piece can mix and match to create many new outfits! Love this remix! =)


Very pretty color combo, Sydney. I love that shad of blue, it looks elegant.


Sydney - this is so very pretty on you!! I love that bright pop of blue and the fact that you have it paired with gray and camel makes it even more perfect!

The Little Dust Princess

Loveeee the skirt! Who knew camel and blue looked SO good together? Great series, Sydney! Keep it up! : )


I love that gray skirt on you. I agree with jesse - who knew that camel and blue look good together.

I totally agree that I love to always wear the same things over and over again :P I swear, only a small section of my closet gets worn consistently. Purge time?

I love these remix series - so practical!


Hi Sydney, I'm the girl that bought those BR shoes from your blog sale not long ago. I love them! They are so comfy and goes with everything. I've been wearing them nonstop and now I am afraid of wearing them too much and ruining them...I finally started my own blog so I thought I'd come by to say hi! and btw...great outfit as always ;)



How on earth could you forget about such a cute blouse that looks amazing on you? You look stunning in blue.


I love the neck tie blouse - that shade of blue looks really nice on you! I've been seeing the AT silk shell being mentioned on practically every petite blog I visit haha. I want one for myself but they're a little bit too pricey for me right now; I'm really hoping AT has some amazing sale or deal soon!


Wow, I really love the fit of the skirt on ya. For some reason I haven't been able to find a high waisted skirt that has belt loops. Isn't that weird? The reason I'm frustrated is that my pencil skirts are too big in the waist so when I slap a belt on, it doesn't want to stay up! Boo!

Sigh, I am officially looking for camel for spring. The color looks gorgeous on you.


this top is absolutely beautiful on you! the color really flatters your skin tone and that pencil skirt fits perfectly! love how you remix your closet. :)

DSK Steph

I love your skirt! It's very pretty!


Very nice work outfit! I love that color, it's stunning on you :)



@Tina Hi Tina, thank you for letting me know about your blog. It's great that you finally decided to have your own blog. Keep up the good work!

@Rinny The silk blouse is on sale right now for approx. $36.00. Please check it out if you're still interested.

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