Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: My latest GAP purchase

I have been keeping an eye on the Gap legging jeans for a while. When I saw the medium faded wash was on sale for $24.99 last week, I couldn’t help myself. I ordered 2 of the exact same pair in a 00R – one for myself and the other for my sister. I also added the Gap floral pleated skirt as a filler for free shipping. I am going to start with the skirt first. Although I enjoy wearing my pencil skirt every day to work, I am on the hunt for something different. This skirt looks versatile on the model. I was sold by the black and white print. This is how it looks on me:


Looks pretty good right? Not really. This skirt is at least an inch bigger than my natural waist. I am wearing a size 00 in this post (buy it here). I like my pants and skirts to be anchored at my true waist. Continue reading...

What I like:
• This skirt is very lovely in person. The pattern makes it easy to coordinate with a black/white top.
• The length is perfect for my height. This skirt is more on the casual side. However, it can be worn to work with proper styling (with tights and blazer/cardigan). More than likely, this is going to be a weekend piece for me.
• I don’t think I have anything similar to this skirt in my closet. I have been buying all work clothes as of late and am in need of a few casual pieces for the weekend.
{How it looks on me when unclipped}


What I don’t like:
• The waist gap of course! It does bother me. I am not sure if frying it in the dryer would help. I don’t want to take the chance. Also, with the front pleats, I don’t think I am going to mess with alterations.
• $40.00 is a bit more than what I wanted to spend for a “weekend skirt”. The material is pretty thick and durable but it’s not lined.

Verdict: Return for now – I might reorder it when it goes on further sale and attempt to shrink it in the dryer.

Up next is the Gap legging jeans in medium faded wash (size 00 regular). The fit is OK around the waist (which I love) but the length is too long for me. Have you noticed the bunching at the bottom? That’s what I don’t like when buying skinny jeans. The petite length is usually a bit short for me but the regular length is too long. My height is in between the two. Also, the wash is a bit too much for me. I am returning mine but my sister loves them. She is keeping them and going to have the length shorten.


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Happy shopping :)


Unknown said...

Cute skirt! The fit looks like really nice on you! As far as the jeans, yeah I didn't think you would like the wash..and the length doesn't look TOO bad IMO but I'm the same way. I don't like too much bunching but a little is cute:)

I say you go for the dark faded wash- they would look amazing on you! :D

curls-and-pearls said...

Oh too bad about the skirt! I was "ooohing and awwing" over it until I saw the clip LOL! I agree with Annie I think the darker wash is more flattering. I'm thinking if there were such a size you could even size down in those jeans!

AubreyOhDang! said...

aaw, that's too bad that you don't like the scrunching. I prefer it. I actually don't like the wash. The fading is too much for my liking.

I just can't get over how flattening these GAP jegging back-pockets look, almost on everyone.

Banhannas said...

I don't think the length of the jeggings are not too bad! The fit is pretty nice as well too bad you are not a fan of the length. Love the skirt, the print is pretty much to die for. I have to agree on the return to see if it will go into further sales. I think a belt will go nicely with the skirt but you shouldn't have to wear one!

Ping said...

i agree with the above, i think the scrunching isn't bad. the jeans fit quite nice, but i do agree with you about not being too crazy about the wash.

Karrisa_T said...

The jeans are nice! I don't think the scrunching is so bad, either. But that's just me.

Callandra said...

Is it seriously that warm there Sydney?! I'm so jealous ;) The skirt is cute but it would totally drive me crazy that big around the waist...I'm also surprised it isn't lined at that price. I really don't care for the wash on those jeans, but they do fit you quite nicely. I'm thinking Annie might have the right idea....a different fade would look so amazing on you for sure!!

Me said...

Glad you are deciding to return the skirt. It is pretty, but not worth it if the fit is all wrong.

The scrunching of the jeans are not too bad. I bet they would shrink up a bit after washing/drying. But...if you are not a fan of the wash, it is a return!

Thanks for the reviews!

Vicky said...

Oh too bad the skirt is too big. I really like it on you. :)
The jeans look pretty good on you fit wise, but I'm still not loving the wash. :)

Leena said...

i think the jean legging look great on you--makes your arse look perky! :P a little scrunch is okay :)

The Classy Confidante

ShortBlonde said...
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ShortBlonde said...

I love the print on that skirt- I was surprised when you said it was from Gap, considering the perfect fit...and then I saw the clip. Figures, Gap!

Also, where did you get that tank? Even if it's an oldie, it's cute and it fits you well.


C said...

What has gotten into Gap sizing lately?! When a 00 is too big for us, something is wrong :) I'm sure other stores will have pretty floral skirts this spring/summer (if they aren't already out yet), so I hope you'll be able to fill the cute skirt void soon.

The jeans look really good on you, but I'm not a fan of the faded wash around the butt, so I agree on the return. I have the same problem with pants length -- legs are too long for petite but too short for regular. So I always just end up tucking in the hems or rolling them up above the ankles. Hopefully nobody notices :)

SewPetiteGal said...

Aww, that skirt has so much potential! I love the print, length, and flouncy flirtiness of it - so gorgeous on you!! Too bad about the waist gap :( What kind of material is it? Maybe it will be shrinkable once you get it on further sale.

I agree with you about the jeans. I'm not a fan of the dramatic fading / whiskering effects (but maybe bc I'm too old LOL).

Anonymous said...

You're soo beautiful, Sydney!! : ) I love that skirt on you, but too bad about the waist. I agree that you should wait for a sale and then attempt to shrink it. : )

About the jeans - I think the length is perfectly fine. Once you stick it in the dryer, the length will shrink too. Also - for skinny jeans, stacking at the hem actually looks good!

grace said...

Haha, you should see the scrunch in my jeans :P They're awful. I'm even too lazy to get them hemmed, so I'll probably end up rolling them up.

I like the darker blue in the jeans, but the lighter part around the butt just doesn't look right unfortunately.

You look really nice in the GAP purchases though, regardless :)

20 YORK STREET said...

That's too bad coz I really like that skirt! Hmmn... I was at Gap yesterday and didn't see that one!



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Twenty York Street

PetiteXXS said...

Sadly even the smallest Gap sizes are usually at least a size too big for me. I agree with returning the skirt for now ($40 is bit much to spend on a casual skirt that doesn't quite fit for me as well). I'm also not a fan of the medium wash, but I don't think the scrunching is that bad at all. Who knows, it might shrink some in the wash and end up being perfect for you :) I do recommend at least trying the other washes if you haven't already, because I found that material is very different between washes.

Kileen said...

i love how the jeans look on you. the scrunching at the bottom isn't too bad, but i think the wash might be a little too light for my liking. the fit looks amazing on you!

cute & little

TaraMixandMatch said...

Too bad about the skirt, I think its really cute! Hopefully it will go on further sale and you can try and shrink it!

Anonymous said...

My sister swears by Rit Dye to get rid of fading/whisering that she doesn't care for on jeans. They have turned out beautifully, evenly colored and you can't tell where the lighter areas used to be. She just throws the jeans in her washer according to the directions on the box. I've never tried it but am considering experimenting with an old pair I don't wear anymore. Just food for thought...

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Anon: Thank you so much for your suggestion. I have never heard of Rit Dye but sounds pretty interesting. I have to look into it.

FMT Donor said...

The skirt is cute and all but the Gap leggings make your butt look PHENOM! Sorry they didn't work out for you!

vnikali said...

cool print on the skirt! looks great on you :)

Julia said...

Hi, I am also finding Gap sizing a bit large these days, especially in the length department. I am trying to find a versatile white t-shirt and even the petite t-shirts I ordered online from the Gap are too long (I am 4'10 1/2" :) ) Does anyone have any suggestions for shorter-length t-shirts? PLG-you always look terrific!!

Katherine said...

I had the same experience with those jeans...ended up not keeping them either. Glad your sister enjoyed them!