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Age-Appropriate Dressing (Part I): Avoiding logos

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There is no doubt that my style has slowly changed since I started this blog. Being smaller than average, it's easier to be mistaken for a teenager. Hence, dressing age-appropriate becomes even more important. I do think your style depends a lot on your personality, where you live, your purchasing power and mostly your sense of style. I believe in age-appropriate dressing. After a certain age, some styles and looks just don’t work. When it comes to casual fashion there are two trends that I don’t mind leaving behind. One of which, avoiding logos, I am going to talk about today.

When I was in my early 20s, I went through a phase where I became obsessed with brand name clothing featuring prominent logos. I loved the moose from A&F, the seagull from Hollister and the rhinestones from Bebe. It got to the point that I wouldn’t buy anything from Bebe without logos. I am sure I looked like a walking advertisement for these retailers. Till this day, I still can’t think of a reason why I loved the logos so much back then. It must be a cool thing to wear when you’re younger. Rather than focusing on fit, I was much more concerned with who made it and what logo it displayed.

Looking at these pictures makes me wonder why articles of clothing with flashy logos were a big part of my clothing purchases back then. I believe certain brands signify quality, but having obvious logos or names across your chest or sleeves is totally unnecessary. I can’t remember the last time I walked in A&F and Bebe and actually bought something from these retailers. I still have a lot of clothing with logos in my closet that I haven't got rid of. I don't wear them outside anymore but they do bring back memories every time I look at them :)

Everything you put on is a reflection of your taste, style and your personality. For me, I feel clothes with large or flashy logos are not work appropriate.  These days, I feel wearing and owning many clothes with logos is a status indicator and promotes materialism. The rule of thumb is dress for your age and not the age you wish you still were. You can look edgy, fun and stylish without the brand name plastered all over you.

Readers, are you a fan of logos? Do you believe in age-appropriate dressing?



Great post! I've never been into logos. I don't own things that have brands on them because I can spend my money on other things or just save. I'm trying to be that way with cosmetics too. Hehehe! LOVED this post to pieces! I agree with you completely! I don't know how old you are, but I'm in my mid to late 20s at 26 and shirts with logos look like teenie boppers and college freshmans. I have to admit I love designer jeans only because of their fit and usually the ones without any logos like Paige since the logo is sooo tiny. Hope you're having a great weekend! <3


I don't know why, but I think this post is so funny! I thought the rhinestoned jeans were a watermark for a second. Then I saw what it was and thought, "Sydney you are so adorable!"

I went through a Roxy stage too... *hangs head in shame* Fortunately it was during middle school when I had no purchasing power so it didn't go very far.


I used to wear a lot of tees but few things with logos because it wasn't allowed at my school...and it's stuck with me ever since. Even when I'm older I prefer items in which you can't really tell which brand it is...but it's true...some logos make you look younger than you actually are.


Couldn't agree with you more! I, too, was into logos in high school. Had Hollister seagulls and Abercrombie mooses on EVERYTHING. I was still wearing those clothes my first 2 years of college, I feel like I'm mistaken for a high schooler much less now that I don't wear those logo-clad clothes anymore!


great post! can you do an "appropriate look for your age" post? would be very helpful.thanks! xoxo

Crystal Luvz

I'm at my mid-20s and sometimes it's just so hard to dress age-appropriate, especially if you just want to look casual. I sometimes get comments that I look young... and I do hate it at times! But I find wearing makeup really helps with the whole outfit! Great post!!!


I was never into logos and probably never will. In fact, I get turned off by logos and that's why I didn't like Coach bags for the longest time until they came up with something that doesn't have C's all over their bags. So I'm quite the opposite, I tend to stay away from logos.
In terms of age appropriate dressing, I am a true believer that one can rock any look at any age if she has the body, meaning staying in shape. I believe in dressing for the body rather than dressing for the age.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

OMG Sydney, I didn't even know you buy jeans with rhinestone logos on the butt!

I remember in grade school I HAD to have a "Vaurnet" shirt (does anyone remember that? I'm not even sure if maybe it was a Canadian thing). But since then I have never been a fan of logos. As Vicky mentioned I didn't like coach bags b/c of the c's - in fact I didn't realize that they made non signature pieces. I have many coach bags now but all of them leather and non signature.

Really great post Sydney, looking forward to the other posts!


I totally love this post. You are so very right in what you say about dressing your age. I actually think that wearing logos across your chest actually cheapens the look. I think it's ok that some things have logos on them as long as they're not plastered on the entire t-shirt. For example, I wore a Hollister button down shirt the other day and the logo was on the bottom right where it wasn't too conspicuous. So I think in essence you just have to pick and choose according to your style and age. I was never into Bebe or Juicy or anything with rhinestones...I'd be even more broke than I am now! lol

LOL re: the Bebe jeans!!


I was totally the same way, obsessed with logos lol! I think my style has become a bit more grown up as well!


Do. Not. Like. Logos. I have a few logo shirts, but I only wear them around the house or to the gym. And like Vicky and Elaine, I had trouble finding good Coach bags for the longest time.


I went through this same phase years and years ago :) I was so darn proud of those A&F logos - especially ones that were super big and obvious. I do have to say though that I still like Ralph Lauren Polo logos - big ones included - on my son's clothes. It's just cute on little ones - I don't know why LOL.


I'm with Stacey, there's something about this post that just made me giggle :D I've concluded it's the last picture, hehehe.

I can't remember the last time I bought logo-ed items... perhaps high school. For the most part I stuck to their emblems, ie: moose for A&F, eagle for AE, etc, but wasn't a big fan of the actual words.


lol your post cracked me up! especially the last picture...about going overboard on the logos, haha. I was much too poor in my teen/college days to buy anything with logos on them, but I always had those cheap tee's with inspirational sayings, or pictures of butterflies and flowers in the front, that gave the same effect of being very "tween"...and I recently been trying to rid of these tee's, except to wear as workout or as pj's.


I totally agree. I never wear shirts with logos.But I do carry hand bags logos. What do you think about that?

The Little Dust Princess

I totally agree! I have never been a fan of logos and I purposely avoid items with logos on them. I guess I've always been a plain Jane. ; ) Same goes with jeans. I don't like back pocket designs. I'm so opposite of my brother who HAS to buy tees with logos on them. They are so ugly and flashy, in my opinion. but I guess the younger generation like to "show off" what they can "afford", right? I think a lot of people go through this phase. And btw the last photo you have is hilarious LOL

San Jose Love

hah those rhinestone jeans are funny. I never went through a logo phase but I did got through a phase where I wore clothes that were too small for me. It was really uncomfortable even if I looked skinny. I do believe in dressing age appropriate but I'm still adjusting to feeling like myself in clothes that are a little more mature than before.


omgee yes totally agreed! I have friends in the upper 20s that still wear bebe logo all over their chest..I think if your in the teens, it's alright but not if your almost 30!

I think i stopped around college and I only shop at bebe when they have a sale with their dressy clothes rather their sporty clothes. Hubby still wear AF and Hollister though lol


@April Hi April, thank you for stopping by. I agreed with you, if you *have* to have designer stuff, I’d go with designer jeans. The quality and the fit are so much better.

@Stacey LOL, Stacey! It was kinda embarrassing but funny at the same time. I don’t know why I bought those jeans and wore them for quite some time.

@Locke Thank you for reading! I wasn’t going to but I’ll see if I can do a quick post on “appropriate look for your age” topic. Stay tuned :)

@Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) I have no idea what “Vaurnet” is so it must be a Canadian thing. I only had one “signature” Coach bag but thank goodness, I got rid of it.

@Olyvia, @The Little Dust Princess I am glad you ladies enjoyed the post. I laughed at myself while looking at that picture too.


omg this post is so hilarious! you must really loved bebe hehe... i think the only logo'ed things i bought were those 7 jeans with the huge A's stitching on the back pockets. *sigh* they were so expensive and i loved them when i was younger, but now they're just sitting there taunting me. waste of hard-earned money i tell ya :(

Under the California Sun


holy moly Sydney!!! You own that many bebe shirts? madness!!!

I mb had one sweatshirt that said A&F, but those days are long long gone. Great post!


Interesting post. When I was in high school and jr. collage I used to go to the aeropostle outlet and get their just so happens that most of them have their label splashed across the front. Over the years, like two, I've tried to slowly phase them out for more sturdy clothes that don't necessary scream the brand name anymore because I am pretty sure that I could still be mistaken for a high schooler if I wore my aero shirts often enough. Luckily I only have, I think, two at present and one is so comfy that I just wear it as a shirt to sleep in. :3 I don't believe in age appropriate dressing so much as dressing to look your best according to your personal tastes. (Note: personal tastes and degree of dresser's concern of their image may vary)

Petite Chic[k]

I'm only almost 19, but I've grown out of the logo phase already. When I first started shopping at Hollister, American Eagle and A&F when I started high school, I always got their logo t-shirts and hoodies. I still shop at those stores, but I only own a few logo items from there. Most of the clothes I wear have the tiny seagull or moose by the hem, but they're hardly noticeable. I just shop at those stores now because I like the style of their non-logo items.
I agree with you--I don't want to look like I'm in middle or high school because I'm almost a sophomore in college!

Really Petite

LOL! I used to love bebe logo stuff...but have since gotten rid of all of them! That was the extent of my logo craze...

Fun post Sydney!


Great post Sydney! I agree with a lot of what you said. It's really interesting how our tastes in fashion change throughout the years. I used to wear a lot of branded clothing when I was in high school as well; I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that EVERYONE at my school wore either A&F or Hollister. I can't even remember the last time I've stepped into either of those stores now.

Bon Bon

That is so funny! Must be that stage of life:-) For me, it was during junior high school mainly. It's all about the status symbols back then. Oh the things I've learned since then. I don't think I own anything with a logo or brand name smack dab on it now. Besides work out apparel? xoxo


I totally agree with you regarding the logo thing. And to the most part the age appropriate dressing too. However, I think it's worse to dress 'young' just because you have a great figure still but your face doesn't fit. But I'm not saying get plastic surgery either! I guess what I mean is dressing well for your age and appropriately for the occasion.
Great topic!


Right there with ya girl! I always used to wear brand-name shirts with their logos all over them. Not sure what I was thinking... haha.

DSK Steph

You even have the Bebe jeans! lol

^_^ I used to be like you too, but I's just a phase we all go through! Now-a-days, I even loathe the LV monogram canvas!


@DSK Steph hahah..yes, I still do! but I don't wear them anymore. I know you are one LV's fan, Steph :)


Totally agree w/you Sydney...No logos for me for sure!


Definitely agree! No logos for me. A lot of the younger kids that I know wear the A + F logos often. It must be a youth thing.

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